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Plastic Surgery Prices

The prices may vary from patient to patient due to some factors. Book a FREE appointment with us to know the exact price for the surgery.


PROCEDURE (Starting Price in AED)
Rhinoplasty 25,000 (price is around 35.000 AED)
Arm lift AED 25,000
Liposuction 18,000 (starting 10,000 AED for a small area like double chin reduction)
GPS Laser Liposuction AED 25,000
VASER 4D Liposuction AED 25,000
Hi-Def Liposculpture AED 28,000
Body Jet Liposuction AED 25,000
Double Chin Liposuction AED 10,000
Buccal Fat Removal AED 10,000
Tummy Tuck AED 30,000 as a start
Brow Lift Surgery AED 15,000
Neck Lift AED 25,000
Body Contouring Treatments (non-surgical) AED 2000 (per session package available)
Dimple Creation AED 2,000
IV Nutritional Therapy AED 950 (per session package available)
Post Weight Loss Treatment (body lift) AED 20,000 as a start
Makeover Cosmetic Surgery Upon consultation
Butt augmentation (non-surgical) AED 3,000 as a start
Brazilian Butt Lift AED 30,000 as a start
J Plasma AED 10,000 as a start
Cheek Implant AED 15,000
Chin Treatment (non-surgical) AED 15,000
Chin Augmentation (surgical) AED 18000
Chin Reduction AED 10,000
Kybella Treatment AED 2,100
Facelift AED 45,000 as a start
Non-Surgical Facelift AED 3,000 as a start
Vampire Facelift AED 2,750 as a start
Liquid Facelift AED 3,000 as a start
Facial Reconstructive Price upon consultation
Scars AED 1,000 as a start
Facial Scar Revision AED 1,500
Eyelid Surgery AED 8,000 as a start
Plexr Plasma Eye Lift AED 3,000
Lip Treatments AED 1,500
Lip Reduction AED 10,000
Lip Enlargement AED 1,500
Bullhorn Lip Lift AED 10,000
Thigh Lift AED 25,000 as a start
Lower Body Lift AED 25,000 as a start
Ear Surgery AED 15,000 as a start
Waist Sculpting AED 25,000
Forehead Lift AED 25,000
Burn Reconstructive Surgery Upon consultation
Intimate Surgery AED 10,000


NON – Surgerical Procedure (Starting Price in AED)
Botox Injection 42/unit
Botox for Wrinkles 42/unit
Botox for Sweaty Glandsrinkles AED 3,500
Injectable Fillers AED Starts from 1,500
Biorevitalization Treatment AED 1,500
Belotero Fillers AED 1,500
Filler Injections with PRP AED 3,500 as a start
Sculptra Fillers AED 2,500
Lipotropic Injections  We have packages 5+1 and 10+2. Single treatment price starts from AED 450
Juvederm Filler AED 2,500
8 Point Facelift with Juvederm AED 5,000 as a start
Volift Fillers AED 2,500
Voluma Fillers AED 2,500
Volbella Fillers AED 2,500
Volite Fillers AED 2,500
Kybella Treatment AED 2,100
Silhouette Facelift AED 1,000 as a start
Wrinkle Smoothing AED 525 as a start
Lipolysis AED 1,000 as a start
Nefertiti Treatment (micro botox) AED3,500
Hand Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers AED 2,500 as a start

Breast Surgery Treatment Prices List:

PROCEDURE (Starting Price in AED)
Breast Surgery AED 27,000
Breast Augmentation AED 27,000
Breast Reduction AED 30,000
Male Breast Reduction AED 20,000
Areola Reduction AED 10,000
Motiva Breast Implants AED 27,000
Mentor Breast Implants AED 27,000
Silicone Breast Implants AED 27,000
Breast Reconstruction Price upon consultation
Breast Implant Removal AED 25,000
Breast Lift AED 27,000

Laser Treatment Prices List:

PROCEDURE (Starting Price in AED)
 Laser Hair Removal AED 300
 Laser Skin Tightening AED 1000 (2500 AED)
 Laser Liposuction AED 20,000
 Laser Tattoo Removal AED 500
 Stretch Mark Removal AED 1000 (starting price is 1575 AED)
 Photo Rejuvenation- Face AED 1,800
 Photo Rejuvenation- Body AED 3,000
 Eye treatment with FCO2 AED 1,800
 Eye treatment with Mesotherapy AED 500
 Strech Mark treatment AED 3,000
 Birthmarks Treatment AED 1,000
 Scar Removal AED 1,000
 Micro Needling with PRP AED 1,000 (1575 AED)
 Melasma Treatment AED 1,000
 Mesotherapy Treatment AED  500
 Rosacea Treatment 1000 (1575 AED)
 Ultherapy AED 25 per line
 Laser Vaginal Tightening 2000 (3500 AED)

Facial Peels Treatment Prices List:

PROCEDURE (Starting Price in AED)
  Oxygen Facial  750 (799 AED when on offer)
  Laser Carbon Peel AED 800
  Chemical Peels 1000 (starting price is 475 AED)
  Hydrafacial Treatment 800 (599 AED when on offer)

Hair Transplant

 Hair Transplant AED 13,500
 FUE Hair Transplant AED 13,500
 Beard Hair Transplant AED 13,500
 Eyebrow Hair Transplant AED 9,000
 Female Hair Transplant AED 13,500
 Hair Loss Treatment AED 840 as a start
 Laser Hair Loss Treatment AED 525
 PRP For Hair Cost AED 1,575
 ACell PRP Hair Restoration AED 5,250

Skin Care

 Acne Treatment  1000 (price range between 475 – 3500 AED)
 Anti Aging Treatments AED 1,000
 Skin Whitening AED 1,000
 Dark Circles Treatment 1000 (starting price is 840 AED)
 Warts Removal 1000 (1500 AED)


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