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Laser Photo Rejuvenation in Dubai

Photorejuvenation is a procedure in which an energy-delivery device is used to improve the texture and tone of the skin by treating wrinkles, scars, and discoloration. Photorejuvenation is a subset of light-based skin rejuvenation therapies and typically uses devices such as lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Laser photo rejuvenation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses laser energy to revitalize the youthful appearance of skin by treating the damages caused by aging and environmental factors.

Who is a Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for laser photo rejuvenation if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

How to Prepare for Procedure?

The practitioner gives detailed guidelines about how you should prepare for the procedure, but some general pre-treatment instructions are:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun for longer periods of time.
  • Remember to apply a high-SPF sunscreen before exposing your skin to the sun.
  • Avoid tanning and sunbathing for at least 4-6 weeks before undergoing laser photo rejuvenation.

Photo Rejuvenation Procedure

The procedural steps of laser photo rejuvenation treatment typically include:

  • Generally, laser photorejuvenation may involve some level of discomfort, though a numbing cream is often applied to enhance patient comfort during the procedure.
  • A handheld laser device emits a laser beam of a specific wavelength onto the skin. Wavelength, power, and pulse duration are carefully tailored to address the specific skin issue being treated.
  • The light energy from the laser penetrates the skin, targeting melanin or blood vessels to fade pigmentation or reduce redness. While it primarily affects the deeper layers of skin, some superficial impact might occur. The treatment stimulates collagen production, which is an important protein contributing to the skin’s structure and firmness.
  • A cooling device is often used during the procedure to minimize pain and discomfort.

Post Treatment Care

Patients need to follow some post-procedure instructions to get successful results and avoid any complications. These instructions include:

  • Applying ice packs can minimize discomfort.
  • Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin clean and hydrated.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and use sunscreen to protect the treated area.

Treatment Benefits

There are several benefits associated with laser photo rejuvenation. Some of them include:

  • It is an effective, safe, and minimally invasive treatment for several skin problems.
  • It can be performed on various areas of the body, including the face, neck, chest, and hands.
  • There is minimal downtime, typically requiring only a few days for recovery.


Results of laser photorejuvenation can vary, typically including a reduction in pigmentation, spider veins, flushing, and brown spots. The longevity and degree of these results can depend on the individual’s skin condition, the type of device used, and the skill of the practitioner. This treatment can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other aging signs. It offers enhanced skincare and rejuvenates the skin. Additionally, many patients experience a boost in confidence following the treatment.

Before and After Results

Some improvement may be noticeable immediately after photorejuvenation, but full results often require multiple treatments over a period of time, with the timeline for results varying between individuals. While a diligent skincare regimen can help maintain the results, factors like genetics, age, and lifestyle also play a significant role in the longevity of the treatment’s effects. Regular touch-up treatments, typically once a year, may be beneficial to maintain results.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation Cost in Dubai

The cost of laser photorejuvenation treatment in Dubai depends on various factors. Therefore, it is not possible to quote a fixed price. However, you can get the exact cost after consulting with our expert. Some of the factors that influence the cost include the problem being treated, the device being used, the expertise of the doctor and the location of the clinic.

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