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FUT Hair Transplant Dubai

FUT strip hair transplant is one of the available options for surgical hair restoration for both males and females. It is best for those who are suffering from permanent hair loss, pattern baldness, or hair thinning. The procedure involves removing a linear strip of hair-bearing skin from the baldness-resistant areas of the scalp to harvest donor’s hair. The strip is then dissected carefully under a powerful microscope to obtain individual grafts, which are then transplanted into the bald or thinning areas of the scalp.


FUT Before & After Results

Like any other hair transplant technique, FUT strip hair transplant also helps restore hair permanently. While the donor’s hair is taken from baldness-resistant areas, it’s important to understand that individual results may vary, and there’s a possibility of thinning in the recipient area over time. No guarantee is given as the results may vary from person to person.

Are you a Candidate?

You are a candidate for FUT strip hair transplant in Dubai if:

  • You are mentally and physically healthy.
  • Your hair loss is not progressing anymore.
  • You have a sufficient donor hair supply.
  • You do not have a tight scalp.
  • You have lost hair permanently due to androgenic alopecia, trauma, or burns.
  • You are seeking an effective and economical way to permanently restore lost hair.
  • You are ready to go under the knife to regain lost hair.
  • You have realistic expectations regarding the results.


FUT Strip Hair Transplant treatment is performed to:

  • Help you regain a thicker head of hair.
  • Allow you to restore your youthful appearance.
  • Improve the whole aesthetics of your face.
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence.

FUT Hair Transplant Techniques

Follicular Unit Transplant involves specific techniques for harvesting donor hairs, ensuring minimal damage and maximizing graft viability. It is a simple process that starts with strip removal from the donor area and ends as the harvested grafts are implanted in the recipient area. However, surgeons use their skills in different ways to make the resulting scar least visible.

Pre-op Preparation

Preparing well for FUT strip hair transplant surgery allows you to get the most out of the surgery. Here are the things that you need to avoid before the surgery:

  • Consult your doctor before stopping any medication, including blood thinners and aspirin.
  • Limit the consumption of caffeinated drinks during the last week before your surgery, as advised by your doctor.
  • Fill all your prescriptions well in advance to avoid any last-minute panicking.
  • Get all the tests done at least 10 days prior to the surgery.


  • Step 1 – The surgeon will administer local anesthesia to keep your scalp numb during the surgery.
  • Step 2 – The surgeon typically uses a specially designed scalpel to remove a strip of hair-bearing skin from the donor site, ensuring minimal scarring and maximum graft viability.
  • Step 3 – The donor area will be then closed by stitching the skin on the scalp.
  • Step 4 – The strip is dissected carefully by a skilled team of technicians to obtain individual grafts of the desired size.
  • Step 5 – The recipient area is prepared by administering local anesthesia again and making tiny incisions using micro-sized blades or fine needles.
  • Step 6 – The surgeon then carefully inserts each graft individually into these tiny incisions to complete the surgery.


Recovery from FUT hair transplant can vary in duration and complexity, depending on individual cases and surgical techniques used.

  • A downtime of 5 to 7 days will be required.
  • The recovery period is around two weeks.
  • Complete recovery will take several months.
  • Stitches or staples will be removed after the incision on the donor area has fully healed.

Post-op Care

Here are some post-operative instructions that you must follow to enjoy a smooth recovery from FUT Strip Hair Transplant:

  • Use cold compresses to manage pain and discomfort, if any.
  • Do not wash your hair for 24 to 36 hours after transplantation.
  • Use prescribed pain medications only.
  • The timeline for avoiding blood thinners post-surgery should be determined by your surgeon based on your specific health situation.
  • Avoid taking aspirin or aspirin-containing products for a couple of weeks following the surgery.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks for 5 to 7 days post-transplant.
  • Do not touch your scalp unnecessarily for at least a week.
  • Do not scratch or pick at the scab. Let it come off naturally.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a month or so.


Some notable advantages of FUT hair transplant in Dubai are:

  • The results of your surgery will be natural-looking.
  • The transplanted hair is typically permanent, but individual results can vary, and future hair loss can occur.
  • FUT is a widely used donor hair harvesting technique.
  • It causes minimum damage to the donor’s hair.
  • Allows transplantation of more grafts in a single session as compared to FUE transplant.
  • It is the least expensive hair transplantation technique.


The procedure often results in outstanding outcomes, potentially giving you a full head of natural hair. No one will ever be able to recognize if you have gone through an invasive procedure to get your natural hair back. Furthermore, the results will be permanent. You will look younger and more beautiful than ever.

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FUT Hair Transplant FAQs

Can I get FUT Hair Transplant while I am still losing hair?

While hair restoration can be performed on individuals experiencing hair loss, it's generally advised to stabilize hair loss before undergoing FUT hair transplant to ensure more predictable results. The reason is that it will create an unnatural pattern of hair later in life. Besides that, you may not have enough donor hair to fix hair loss progression.

How many hair grafts would I need?

The number of hair grafts that a person would need to cover all the thinning areas depends upon the extent of balding and the size of the area under treatment. Only a surgeon can tell how many grafts are needed to create desired density in the affected area. To get an estimate of the required number of grafts, book a FREE CONSULTATION with our experts.

How can I get rid of the prominent linear scar caused by FUT Hair Transplant?

We offer scar revision surgery to help you camouflage and even completely hide the scar. The best way to get rid of the scar caused by strip method transplant is to regrow hair on the scar with FUE or Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplantation.

What is the cost of FUT Hair Transplant?

There is no fixed cost for any hair transplant method. However, people prefer getting surgical hair restoration treatments in Dubai because the prices here are quite affordable. The starting price of FUT is AED 10 per graft, but again it varies from one surgeon to another, depending upon the experience and reputation of the surgeon.

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