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Double Chin Liposuction Cost

Double chin liposuction is also known as submental liposuction. This procedure is performed to reduce the additional fat under your chin, jowls, and neck. Here is the details about the cost of Double Chin liposuction.

Double Chin Liposuction Cost in Dubai

The average starting cost of double chin liposuction is approximately AED 10,000 and it may vary from person to person due to many factors.

Factors Affecting Cost

Cost is an essential aspect that you need to consider while getting double chin liposuction treatment. Different factors play their part in calculating the cost. These factors include;

  • Your desired goals
  • The level of the surgeon’s expertise
  • The complexity of the procedure
  • Overall services (before, during, & after surgery)
  • Location

Have a look at how these aspects are essential for cost evaluation.

  • Your Goals

Your aim and goals matter a lot while calculating the cost. Some of you may not want to get fast results while others prefer quick results with smooth skin. These requirements influence the overall cost.

  • Your Surgeon’s Expertise

Your surgeon needs to have advanced skills and expertise to perform the surgery according to your desire. When a surgeon is highly qualified, he will charge more. We have a team of board-certified surgeons who are providing services at reasonable rates.

  • The Complexity of the Procedure

Another factor that has an impact on the cost is the complexity of the procedure. The more complex the procedure is, the higher will be the cost. Double chin liposuction surgery involves making incisions in the targeted area and removing extra fat under the chin. Moreover, you might want to get a combination of procedures that makes the surgery more complex. So, it’s better to consult with the surgeons before getting the procedure. He/she will guide you about the cost and procedure complexity.

  • Overall Services

This is one of the vital aspects that contribute to double chin liposuction price in Dubai. While getting the surgery, you must inquire about the services that are included in the cost. At our clinic, all of the services are included in a package. You just have to pay a one-time fee and we will assist you in a professional way before, during, and after the treatment. Our services include anesthesia fees, surgical facilities, follow-ups after the surgery, medicines, and post-surgery garments.

  • Location

The location of the clinic is another important aspect that affects the cost of a double chin liposuction procedure. Dubai is considered the hub of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Here, you may find all highly skilled and board-certified surgeons. So, you might have to pay more amount.


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