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Oxygeneo Facial

A smooth, glowing and flawless skin requires great care and effort. You have to invest your time and money in your skin to keep it healthy and youthful. Usually, people do not care about their skin until they see wrinkles and fine lines appearing. Thanks to the cosmetic procedures that allow people to rejuvenate their skin and improve its appearance. Due to aging, your skin becomes loose and develops age spots. However, oxygeneo facial in Dubai helps you in tightening the facial skin and removing the wrinkles.

Let’s discuss this facial treatment in detail so that you can learn more about the advantages of oxygeneo facial.

What is OxyGeneo Facial?

Oxygeneo facial is a super 3 in 1 facial therapy that combines three effective techniques for skin rejuvenation. These techniques include exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation. Oxygeneo facial heals your skin from within and causes revitalization of nutrients thus giving your skin a new lease on life. It is suitable for all skin types and treats the skin deeply. People with sensitive or pigmented skin can also undergo oxygeneo facial Dubai

How does it work?

Oxygeneo facial works by initiating a chemical reaction that generates carbon dioxide bubbles which burst on the surface of the skin gently. As mentioned above, oxygeneo facial consists of three steps which are explained below;


In this step, the upper skin layer is exfoliated and dead skin cells are removed. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and ready to receive the nutrients. Exfoliation during oxygeneo facial gives the benefits of microdermabrasion


During this step, the skin is cleansed so that active nutrients can be infused. Two such nutrient-rich active ingredients are NeoBright and NeoRevive. NeoBright improves the texture of the skin and brightens the skin tone. On the other hand, NeoRevive is used for skin rejuvenation and to treat aging signs.


It is the third technique involved in oxygeneo facial Dubai. During oxygenation, CO2 bubbles are produced which then burst gently on the skin surface and create a physiological response. As a result of this response oxygenated blood is sent to the facial skin which increases skin metabolism and capillary flow.

Oxygeneo Facial FAQs

How long does the procedure take?

The whole procedure of oxygeneo facial in Dubai takes around 30 minutes. 

Is oxygeneo facial safe?

Yes, oxygeneo facial is safe and does not cause any side-effects like irritation or redness. It is a clinically proven treatment for aging skin.

How long do the results of oxygeneo facial last?

The results of oxygeneo facial Dubai usually last for 4 to 5 weeks. It is recommended to get the facial every week to get long-lasting results.

What is NeoBright?

It is an active nutrient that reduces the sun damage and pigmentation on the skin. It lightens the skin tone and is composed of Kojic acid, Azelaic acid and Retinol. Kojic acid lightens the skin tone and Azelaic acid reduces the pigmentation. Whereas, retinol eliminates the aging signs.

What is NeoRevive?

NeoRevive tends to revitalize the dull complexion and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is composed of peptides, hyaluronic acid and retinol. Peptides play their role in repairing the skin whereas hyaluronic acid eliminates wrinkles. Retinol renews collagen production.

What is the cost of an Oxygeneo facial in Dubai?

The oxygeneo facial cost in Dubai depends on your skin condition and type, the expertise of the dermatologist, the location of the clinic, and the results required. Therefore, there is no fixed cost for the treatment. However, on average the cost starts from AED 1500. It is recommended to consult with an expert to know the exact cost according to your condition.

What is the difference between Oxygeneo facial and Oxygen facial?

The major difference between both the facials is that oxygen facial pushes oxygen into the skin which can lead to redness or sensitivity sometimes. However, this is not the case in oxygeneo facial. It causes the oxygenation procedure to occur from inside. Therefore, no irritation occurs during the procedure. 

Which is better: Oxygeneo facial or Hydrafacial?

Oxygeneo facial Dubai is preferable because it treats skin problems at a deeper level. However, Hydrafacial does not treat the skin so deeply. Also, the results of oxygeneo facial are consistent and it can be customized according to the requirements of the patient.

Is it painful?

No, oxygeneo facial does not cause any pain or discomfort because it is a virtually painless technique.

What are the Benefits?

The biggest advantage of oxygeneo treatment is that people with all skin types can undergo it. Some of the significant benefits are mentioned below;

  • It causes natural oxygenation and supplies oxygen-rich blood to the face.
  • The results are immediate and appear within an hour after the treatment.
  • There is no downtime and you can resume your work immediately after the treatment. 
  • It is skin-friendly and does not irritate. 
  • Oxygeneo facial plumps the skin and hydrates it.
  • You can restore your skin volume with this facial.
  • Oxygeneo facial also increases collagen production. 
  • You can also get rid of the wrinkles and reduce hyper-pigmentation.  
  • It brightens the dull complexion and provides you with youthful and glowing skin.
  • It also tightens your skin. 

Which Device is Used?

The machines that can be used to perform this facial treatment are

  • OGM Oxygeneo
  • Leader HydraFacial MD
  • KMed Innofacial 1 and 2

Results & Recovery 

Oxygeneo facial Dubai offers natural-looking and long-lasting results that improve with time. There is no long recovery time or downtime associated with the procedure. You can yield promising results from the 3 in 1 oxygeneo facial that has no side effects. 

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