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PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai

Some people think that the desire for long and strong hair is just a dream. Well, it’s not the dream because PRP hair treatment in Dubai can maintain and stimulate hair growth. With enormous advantages and productive results, people are now getting obsessed with PRP hair treatment, and why not; its results can be comparable to surgical treatments in terms of appearance, though the durability and effectiveness can vary.

PRP hair treatment is a non-surgical procedure that is popular due to its numerous benefits. If you are interested in knowing the cost of PRP therapy, visit PRP hair therapy cost page.

What Is PRP?

In PRP treatment for hair loss, your blood plasma (platelet-rich plasma) is injected into the scalp, which may stimulate existing hair follicles and promote hair growth.

The process increases blood supply to the hair follicle and maintains it in the long run. 

What is plasma, and how can plasma help in hair loss treatment?

In simple words, our blood contains red cells, white cells, plasma, and platelets. Plasma’s role is to carry nutrients to cells and to help blood flow easily. 

When injected into your scalp, plasma rejuvenates the scalp and boosts protein production. Thus your new hair follicles begin to grow, and future hair loss reduces to a maximum extent.

PRP Hair Treatment Goals

You may have some specific goals in your mind while getting PRP hair treatment in Dubai. If your goals are similar to the following goals, it is the best procedure for you. PRP hair therapy aims at;

  • Making your existing hair strong.
  • Boosting the volume of your hair.
  • Preventing hair loss.
  • Protecting you from baldness.

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

PRP hair treatment carries several benefits. Some of them are given below;

  • The procedure enhances your overall beauty and appearance.
  • A non-surgical procedure, so you can avoid going under the knife for a hair loss solution. 
  • Time-saving
  • In maximum cases, you don’t need coverup treatments 
  • Potentially cost-effective in the long term.

Ideal Candidate

If you want to get PRP therapy, you should know if you are meeting its candidacy criteria or not. It is essential to know as it affects your results. You may get the help of your practitioner in this regard. The following are some of the key points that help you get an idea in this regard. You are a good candidate if;

  • You have a receding hairline and you need improvement in your already existing hair.
  • You are in good health.
  • You are not suffering from cancer or any blood disorders.
  • You have realistic expectations about the results.
  • You want to strengthen your hair and make them shinier.

Pre-operative Instructions

If you want to get the best possible results from the treatment, then follow the below instructions;

  • Avoid taking blood thinners for almost a week before your treatment.
  • You should complete all your prescribed tests.
  • Take all your medicines regularly as per the instructions of your doctor.
  • Keep your scalp safe from direct sun exposure.


PRP treatment for hair loss is not too complex, but your doctor needs to perform it carefully. After reaching the clinic, you can expect the following steps one by one;

Blood Sample

First of all, your blood sample is taken in a specific amount and centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich plasma from red blood cells. 

Local Anesthesia 

Local anesthesia may be administered to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Injection of Plasma

After that, the plasma is injected into your scalp at the targeted area with the help of small syringes. 

The whole procedure can take a maximum of 90 minutes to complete. 

Post-operative care

Usually, the following are the instructions that you need to follow after getting PRP hair loss treatment in Dubai.

  • Avoid the intake of blood thinners for almost 7 to 14 days after your treatment.
  • Take all your medicines regularly.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Avoid applying hair dye or undergoing any chemical treatment for a specified period, as advised by your doctor, after the procedure.

Side effects of PRP Hair Treatment

After the treatment, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Temporary redness or bruising at the injection site
  • Mild pain 
  • Itching 

How long does it take to see the final results?

It’s important to note that multiple sessions are often required to see significant results, especially in cases of severe alopecia. Moreover, you will have to go through multiple sessions (almost 4-6) to get the best possible results. Usually, you will see a reduction in hair fall and growing new hair in 4-6 months. 

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