Body Jet Liposuction Complications and Recovery

Body Jet Liposuction Complications and Recovery

Liposuction has become one of the most popular and commonly performed cosmetic procedures. It also happens to be the most talked-about procedure when it comes to body contouring. But nothing is perfect and it also has its downside like possible complications, pain associated with the procedure and most definitely the downtime.

There is a trending type of liposuction called body jet liposuction which is the latest innovation in liposuction technology. With body jet liposuction you can contour and reshape your body, recover more quickly, have very little discomfort and get to experience all the long-lasting benefits of liposuction.

Body jet liposuction is also known as water lipo washes away fats with fluid spray. It is the most effective type of liposuction that can remove fat cells in certain hard to reach parts of the body. With water lipo the recovery is fast and patients usually get back to their daily activities after about a week. They can exercise and do anything they want after two weeks.

Body Jet Liposuction Complications

As all procedures have some complications, body jet liposuction is also not an exception. Some of the common risks involved in this procedure are;

  • Blood loss

During and after the procedure there can be bleeding. There is also a risk of Hematoma which occurs when blood from suctioned areas collects and forms after surgery.

  • Infection

Infection is a common risk when it comes to any kind of surgery. Although during liposuction, the incisions made are quite small, still there is a chance that the wound might get infected if it is not kept clean. Getting fat and necrosis tissue is also a possible risk. Necrosis is a condition in which all the tissues die and can cause serious post-surgery infection.

  • Pulmonary Edema

Pulmonary edema is when there is a build-up of fluids in the lungs. It can be caused by the fluids injected into the body during body jet liposuction. This typically occurs when the patient is over hydrated and it can be a serious complication.

  • Dehydration

During the body jet liposuction fluid shifting occurs. This happens when fluids are being injected into the body other fluids are being eliminated from the body. There is a risk of dehydration if there is no adequate fluid replacement during the treatment.

  • Tissue or organs wound perforation

Most liposuction procedures are done in the abdominal area. Hence, the risk of puncturing organs during the procedure increases.

  • Surface Irregularities

There is still a risk that after the first procedure you might not get the optimal results. You might get some bumps, dents or contour irregularities which may require another session for correction.

Recovery after body jet liposuction

Immediately after the surgery, you may experience some form of burning sensation and pain or even numbness in the area. This is usually temporary and the pain medication is given for 4 days only. A constrictive bandage is applied to minimize swelling and promote healing. It is removed afterward and the patient is advised to wear an elastic garment for a few weeks. Oral antibiotics are given to prevent any possible infection.

A follow-up appointment is necessary as there might be fluid drainage from the incisions after the procedure. The recovery time depends on the health condition of the patient. Although 90%  of patients recover within five days. Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.


Just like every other treatment, body jet liposuction also has some complications that are discussed above. However, the chances of complications can be reduced if you choose a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon. The expertise of a surgeon plays a vital role in the success of treatment. The probability of risks increases if an amateur surgeon is performing the treatment. Therefore, choose the surgeon carefully to avoid any side effects and for a smooth recovery. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is offering body jet liposuction treatment under the supervision of leading surgeons. So, without wasting any time, book your appointment now.