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The widespread usage of breast implants in the cosmetic world is still stigmatized, unlike natural methods of reconstruction/augmentation of the breasts. Surgery of the breasts involves scarring, extended recovery periods and there is always the risk of complications with the implants such as migration, leakage and in worst cases infection.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment

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Time Required

2-4 Hours



General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

Few Days

Success Rate

Success Rate

Very high Success Rate

With BRAVA + AFT breast augmentation, patients can use natural materials harvested from their own body to get efficient, long-lasting and pain-free results. This has so far displayed a huge satisfaction rate amongst studies and patients. With this procedure you can attain enhanced self-esteem and lifestyle without going under the scalpel.




Preparative measures are required to get the best results out of this procedure. Our surgeon will guide you on the basis of your specific condition. However, the following are some common instructions that everyone needs to follow. Have a look!

  • You need to prevent all the blood thinning tablets containing ibuprofen, aspirin, and any other medicines.
  • You should also avoid taking supplements such as omega-3, fish oil, vitamin E, vitamin A or B, etc.
  • Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and carbon monoxide because these things delay the healing process.
  • Done with all the prescribed tests.
  • Must follow all pre-surgical instructions.

Candidates For The Procedure

Almost any woman can wear BRAVA, but AFT requires eligibility criteria that includes the surgeon individually evaluating you if you wish to undergo the procedure. The following pointers dictate the basic candidacy for a prospective patient.

  • Breasts should require structural definition, especially along the upper section.
  • Patient’s skin should be elastic with the ability to retain a healthy tone.
  • The patient should be ideally as close as possible to their healthy weight. Physical fitness and mental stability are equally important.
  • Ideal patients are those who have realistic expectations from surgery.
  • The ideal patient should be able to refrain from smoking, alcohol intake and ingesting any over-the-counter drugs for at least a month before surgery.
  • Ideally, fat stored elsewhere on the body is needed for successfully undergoing the treatment. Thin ladies will face a greater chance of risk with AFT than the more curvier ones.

Fat Augmentation Process

AFT begins with the surgeon prepping the patient for surgery after they have completed their required period of time for wearing the BRAVA device. The breast is marked for entry points and augmentation area before administering general anesthesia while the patient is conscious so that the doctor can best understand as well as communicate the surgical procedure and what can be done. General anesthesia is used because fat has to be removed from other parts of the body and injected into another area, in this case, the breasts.

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Through tiny incisions, thin stainless steel tubes called cannulas are passed under the skin in the subcutaneous layer to extract fat. Depending on each patient’s desires and peculiarities, fat is extracted and grafted through different entry points around the breasts in a total of 2-4 hours. Once the procedure is deemed complete, incisions are stitched shut and rest is allowed until the anesthesia effects have worn off.


AFT Breast Augmentation Process AFT Breast Augmentation

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Treatment Recovery

Recovery from AFT breast augmentation is swift since there is no major tissue damage involved. The procedure is conducted on an outpatient basis so patients can be able to return to normal work and daily routine as soon as possible. It is recommended however to rest for a couple of days after the treatment. The doctor will prescribe painkillers and medication for the slight numbness and bruising you will experience for the first few days post-op. Preventive antibiotics to remove any chances of infection will also be prescribed. Be sure to take the medication on time and complete the prescribed course.


After completing the procedure of breast augmentation, you may face some complications. They may include;

  • Cysts
  • Microcalcification
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Necrosis (death) of fat cells
  • Swelling
  • Severe scarring
  • Redness including soreness

Treatment Benefits

BRAVA + AFT breast augmentation provides the patient with more benefits than first expected.

  • No implants, no surgery, no complications of permanent tissue damage.
  • Swift recovery and excellent survival rate of fat unlike never before thanks to BRAVA.
  • The minimally invasive procedure, only 2-3mm incisions needed, the patient remains asleep throughout the procedure.
  • On top of that, there is the additional benefit of getting liposuction on another part of the body along with an increase in breast size hence smarter contours.
  • No problems with lumps in the breasts, deep tissue necrosis or leaking implants.

Results With & Without BRAVA

With BRAVA, patients can enjoy the effective and proper execution of AFT breast enlargement technique with no side effects. Traditional methods of fat transfer breast augmentation are successful but are quite limited in terms of size increase. Even in most patients not all of the transferred fat survives. Fat cells that don’t survive undergo a process called fat necrosis resulting in calcified lumps that can be worrying to the patient and can confuse a doctor during MRI scans.

Unfortunately, the old fashioned Autologous Fat Transfer breast augmentation didn’t receive the popularity it sought to bring in the cosmetic world with the attractive concept of recycling fat from other parts of the body where they are in excess and using to increase breast or buttock size, making body contouring a convenient and natural process.

Moreover, there are minimal complications involved in this procedure since the body is receiving its own genetically compatible tissue. BRAVA however built on the technique and brought about immense prowess making AFT breast augmentation a more successful procedure.

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