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Gum Contouring in Dubai

Nearly everyone visits the dentist to maintain healthy teeth, which contribute to a bright smile. Although it may sound cliché, dental treatments can boost our confidence, self-esteem, and enhance our appearance.

Having uneven gums may diminish your confidence in smiling brightly. Advancements in dental technology have led to procedures like gum contouring, which can enhance your smile. This procedure is known as Gum Contouring or gummy smile correction in Dubai.

What is Gum Contouring?

Gum Contouring, also known as gum lifting or gummy smile treatment, is a cosmetic dental procedure used for reshaping uneven gums to improve aesthetics, not necessarily to ‘correct’ their position. This procedure aims to enhance your smile, potentially increasing your confidence. In other words, the procedure gets rid of a “gummy smile”.

Are you a Candidate?

Ideal candidates for gum contouring are those with:

  • Uneven gum lines.
  • Get rid of the excess gum tissue.
  • Improve the look of your gums.
  • Get rid of the gummy smile.

Gum Contouring Procedure

Gum reshaping is typically performed by a periodontist or a dentist with specialized training in cosmetic dental procedures. It is an in-office cosmetic procedure that evens out your gums. Before laser technology, dentists often used a scalpel for gum contouring, which was more invasive. This invasive technique caused significant bleeding during the procedure and led to a very long and challenging recovery time.

With laser dentistry, gum contouring is less painful, with reduced downtime and minimal bleeding, though some discomfort may still occur. The time required to reshape gums with laser technology is also shorter compared to using a scalpel.

The process of gum contouring starts with numbing your gums with local anesthesia to get rid of any discomfort that you might feel. The dentist then uses a laser specifically made for soft tissues to strip away any excess gum. The laser aids in contouring and also helps in sealing the tissue, reducing the risk of infection.


Some of the major benefits of laser gummy smile treatment are as follows;

  • It often provides long-lasting results, but gum tissue can sometimes regrow or change shape over time.
  • You can have an even gum line.
  • You can get rid of all the excess gum tissue that makes your smile gummy.
  • The results typically appear natural, but individual outcomes can vary.
  • It is generally a safe treatment.


After the procedure, once the anesthesia wears off, it’s common to experience some soreness and swelling of the gums, which usually subsides within a week. It is advisable to limit your activities and take rest. To facilitate a smoother recovery, here are some general tips to follow.

  • First and foremost, follow your dentist’s advice because it will make your recovery swift.
  • For discomfort or pain, follow your dentist’s recommendations on pain management, which may include over-the-counter or prescribed painkillers.
  • In the first few days, focus on eating soft foods. These can include yogurt, pasta, ice cream, cheese, and softened vegetables.
  • Avoid foods with seeds and spicy foods until your gums have healed sufficiently, as advised by your dentist.
  • When practicing oral hygiene, be gentle to avoid irritating the gums, which can lead to infections and increased bleeding.
  • Contact your dentist promptly if you experience any concerning symptoms after the procedure, such as excessive swelling or bleeding.

Gum Contouring Cost in Dubai

The cost of gum contouring treatment varies, depending on the extent of the treatment and individual patient needs. As a result, providing an exact cost here is not feasible. You should consult with our dentists to know about the exact price according to your gum condition.

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