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Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

With the advancements in technology and cosmetic procedures, it is now possible to remove permanent tattoos from your body. There are various procedures available for this purpose. However, laser tattoo removal is considered to be an effective treatment. If you have a tattoo on any area of your body and you want to remove it, you need to know some important factors about laser tattoo removal. Along with other aspects, you should know about laser tattoo removal cost in Dubai to see if you can afford it or not. Let’s discuss the cost in detail along with the factors that contribute to the cost.

Factors To Consider While Calculating Cost

  • Skin Type

    The skin type matters a lot while computing the cost. The lighter skin you have, the fewer sessions you need, to get the final results. So, the cost depends on the skin type.

  • Target Area

    Tattoo removal Dubai cost also depends on the area of your body where you get the tattoo. The likelihood of success is more on the neck and head as compared to other areas of your body. However, if you want tattoo removal on your anklet, it will be difficult to perform, and so the cost will be more. In short, if you have a tattoo on the upper body area, the removal costs less amount as compared to the tattoo on your lower body.

  • Practitioner’s Expertise

    Another factor that matters a lot is the expertise of your practitioner. You should get the services of an expert practitioner, and of course, the higher the expertise of a surgeon the more he charges for his services. All of our specialists are highly expert and board-certified still we charge affordable costs for your ease.

  • Colors

    The color of your tattoo is another factor that affects tattoo removal cost Dubai. Every tattoo contains different color as different pigments are used to create it. So, the number of sessions is decided on the basis of color and the cost thus changes in this regard. It is easy to remove black pigments as compared to other colors.

  • Amount Of Ink

    One more factor that impacts the cost of tattoo removal is the amount of ink that is used to create the tattoo. The usage of ink depends on the kind of tattoo you have. The amount is divided into four categories amateur, moderate, minimal, and significant. The complexity of a tattoo decides the cost.

  • Scarring And Tissue Change

    The placement of a tattoo sometimes causes complications. It may create a scar on your skin due to enhanced collagen levels. So, if you have a scar then more sessions are required to get the best results. As a result, the tattoo removal Dubai price will increase.

  • Type Of Laser

    The type of laser being used in the procedure also affects the cost of tattoo removal. We are using the latest lasers and charge a cost-effective price.

  • Size

    Defining the size of the tattoo is also important. The larger the size of your tattoo the more cost you need to pay to the practitioner.

 Tattoo Removal Cost At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®, we are offering the cost that will be affordable for you. The average starting price of tattoo removal is AED 500. However, it can change depending upon the factors mentioned above.

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