Breast Implants

Many women may desire to enhance their breast appearance for various reasons. However, some women may feel less confident about their breast size or shape. However, it is now possible to achieve an ideal pair of breasts by undergoing breast augmentation. Whether you seek a subtle change or a more dramatic difference, there is a breast implant suitable for your body shape. It can enhance your personal sense of beauty and charm.

Breast Implants Shape

If you are considering breast implant surgery in Dubai, it’s important to carefully consider the type of implants that best suit your needs. The shape is an important aspect to consider while choosing an implant. The decision is influenced by individual anatomy, including body type, sternum width, chest-wall contour, and existing breast tissue. The two common shapes of implants are:

  • Round 
  • Tear-drop

Round Breast Implants

The round-shaped implant is the traditional kind and is an overwhelming choice for aspiring breast augmentation candidates worldwide. They help you achieve soft, round, and nicely proportioned breasts. Round implants come in various diameters and projection degrees, suitable for different breast and body types. They can make breasts appear fuller and rounder, potentially enhancing cleavage.

Tear-Shaped Implant

Teardrop-shaped breast implants in Dubai became widely available after 2003 and are also known as form-stable or gummy-bear implants. Tear-shaped implants are often chosen for a more natural appearance compared to round ones, though individual preferences and results may vary. They are designed to provide more volume at the bottom and less at the top, mimicking the natural shape of a woman’s breast. Hence, they are perfect for those looking for subtle breast enhancement.

Breast Implants Texture

The texture of breast implants influences their external appearance. The main types are:

  • Textured
  • Smooth

Here is a brief overview and the difference between the two types of breast implants in Dubai.

Smooth Breast Implants

Such types of implants have an outer rubber shell that is made up of silicone. They are incredibly smooth and have a shiny, slippery surface. They are not fixed to the surrounding body tissues and can move freely within the breast pocket.

Textured Breast Implants

Textured implants have a rougher surface compared to smooth implants, which can help them adhere to the surrounding tissue. They are designed to adhere to the tissue capsule, potentially reducing movement compared to smooth implants.

Breast Implants by Material

There are two kinds of implants based on the material;

  • Saline
  • Silicone

There have been many debates regarding which one is better than the other, but the truth is they both work exceptionally well depending on the results you are looking for.

Saline Breast Implant

Saline Breast Implant

Saline breast implants are inserted into your chest when they are empty. Afterward, they are filled with sterile saltwater. While often chosen by younger women, saline implants are suitable for patients of various ages.

Silicone Breast Implant

Silicone Breast Implant

Silicone implants are pre-filled with a silicone gel. The gel used is a thick and sticky fluid that closely mimics the feel of human fat. Many women find that silicone breast implants have a more natural look and feel compared to saline ones, though individual preferences vary. Many consider silicone implants to offer a more natural feel, though the ‘best’ choice varies based on individual needs and preferences.

Mentor Breast Implant

Mentor Breast Implants

Mentor breast implants feature a multi-layer structure of silicone elastomer. The shell is designed to interact with the body’s collagen, aiding in stability. They use a highly cohesive gel, known for its shape retention qualities.

Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implants, a form of breast implants, are also chosen by men to enhance chest definition. Pectoral implants are designed to enhance the chest area’s appearance, offering an option for men seeking to improve muscle definition.

Motiva Breast Implants

Motiva Breast Implant represent a modern approach in the field, offering innovative features for round breast implants. They are designed to consider individual aesthetic goals, offering a personalized approach to breast augmentation.

How much does breast implant cost in Dubai?

The breast implants cost depends on the type of implant being used, the location of the clinic, and the surgeon. Your surgeon will choose the best-suited breast implant for you according to your requirements. Typically, the average starting cost of breast implant in Dubai is AED 27,000. However, it is not fixed and varies from one person to another depending on the factors mentioned above.

Implant Replacement FAQs

Are breast implants safe now?

Yes, both saline and silicone breast implants are FDA-approved for breast augmentation and reconstruction, indicating a high standard of safety.

Do breast implants sag over time?

Yes, it depends on the breast implant sizing. Larger breast implants may sag over time due to their weight and the natural aging process of the skin.

Is breast implant painful?

As with any surgical procedure, some pain and discomfort can be expected after breast augmentation with implants, but it varies among individuals.

What is the most common breast implant size?

A common range for breast implant sizes is between 350 to 500 cc, though this can vary widely based on individual preferences and body types. These implants look like small to large C cups.

Which type of breast implant feels the most natural and safer?

Among all the options available nowadays, silicone breast implants feel the most natural and safer. They are made up of highly viscous gel that is very soft and mimics the natural breast tissues. Therefore, silicone breasts provide more natural-looking results than saline implants.

If you get breast implants, can you breastfeed?

Many women with breast implants can breastfeed, as implants typically do not interfere with breast ducts or mammary glands, though individual experiences may vary.

Can you get breast implants while pregnant?

It is not recommended to get breast implants during pregnancy due to potential risks to the mother and baby.

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