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Hair loss or hair fall is one of the most common and prevalent problems among humans. Almost every person has faced this problem at a certain age in his life. It is quite natural to lose hair strands because hair grows in three phases i.e. anagen, catagen, and telogen. When hair is in the anagen phase it grows actively. In the catagen phase, it neither grows nor falls off. However, in the telogen phase, the hair rests and falls off. If you are losing almost 100 hair strands a day, it is quite normal but if the hair fall increases this limit then you might be suffering from Alopecia Areata.

But, it is now possible to get rid of this hair loss condition. Alopecia treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has been introduced to fight bald spots and dramatic hair thinning.

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder that occurs when your immune system attacks the hair follicles and ceases their growth. As a result, the hair shrinks and falls out in clumps which leads to a round and hairless patches all over the scalp. In some cases, the hair grows back with time while in others, it can lead to alopecia totalis (complete loss of scalp hair).

Alopecia areata can occur in both men and women but men are more susceptible to hair thinning as compared to women. There are two main causes of this disease i.e. stress and genetics. If it runs in your family then you are more likely to get affected.

Are you an ideal candidate?

You can be an ideal candidate for alopecia areata treatment in Dubai if you meet the following candidacy criteria. 

  • You should be mentally and physically fit.
  • You should be 18 or above in age.
  • You have developed round bald patches on the scalp.
  • You should not be an alcoholic or a smoker.
  • You should have realistic expectations from the treatment.
  • You desperately want to have your hair back.
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How to treat Alopecia Areata?

There are various techniques to treat hair loss problems especially alopecia areata. But hair transplant is not the best solution for it. Mentioned below are some effective alopecia treatments that can stimulate the growth of your hair and save you from complete baldness.

Topical Minoxidil: A minoxidil solution is applied to the scalp and gently rubbed twice a day. Consequently, the hair growth is stimulated and you will see noticeable results within 2-3 months. Minoxidil has proven to be very effective for male pattern baldness and increases the amount of hair significantly.  

Oral Supplements: Oral supplements that can help in alopecia include multivitamins, vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron. They promote the growth of healthy hair.

Laser Hair Loss Therapy: A non-surgical, safe, and quite effective treatment for hair loss. In this treatment, low-level laser light is used to stimulate hair growth.

Mesotherapy: In this technique, some minerals and vitamins in microscopic quantities are injected into the scalp. These minerals include zinc, biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B. They stimulate the blood circulation, help the scalp to repair itself, and nourish the hair follicles. As a result, hair loss and breakage reduces.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): It is a rejuvenation therapy that utilizes the regenerative power of your blood. The platelets in your blood are rich in growth factors that are injected into the scalp at the targeted areas. It accelerates cell regeneration and stimulates the growth of hair. PRP therapy requires multiple sessions.

Topical Immunotherapy: It is also an effective alopecia treatment in Dubai. You can opt for it if you are suffering from severe hair loss. In this technique, a special chemical substance is applied to the scalp once in several weeks. This substance significantly enhances the strength of hair roots and shafts.



The benefits of alopecia treatment are as follows;

  • It stimulates the flow of blood within the scalp.
  • It improves the texture of hair. 
  • It does not damage your scalp skin.
  • It improves the strength of hair roots.  
  • It is responsible for restoring the hair on the patchy areas.
  • It also nourishes the hair follicles. 
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Recovery & Results

The recovery period of alopecia treatment varies from individual to individual based on factors like the technique used and the severity of the problem. Soon after the first session of treatment, you will notice a few results. However, final results will appear in almost 2-3 months. The newly grown hair will be thin and fine initially but with time they will become thick. 

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