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What is Facelift?

A face lift also known as rhytidectomy is the cosmetic surgical procedure in which facial tissue is treated using various techniques to give patient’s a more youthful, less “worn-out” look that comes with age and skin problems. Facelift in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Surgery can be used to trim and tighten skin while removing fat pockets if necessary. Whereas dermal fillers and implants can enhance facial structure, skin quality can be increased using laser or chemical peels.

A facelift procedure will naturally remove folds, wrinkles or sagging skin around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, forehead and jaws while enhancing the overall facial appearance of patients making them feel and look younger. You can learn more about facelift treatment in Dubai by filling in our easy free consultation form to know how suitable it is for you and what you can expect out of it from our experts.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment

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Time Required

2-6 Hours


Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

3-4 Weeks

Success Rate

Very high Success Rate

B&A Results

Disclaimer: It should be noted that the outcomes, productivity, effectiveness and associated risks of any treatment may differ in different cases, as every individual carries the unique characteristics and the body’s response to any procedure or treatment also differ in every other person. To have a risk free and productive treatment, we recommend having a consultation session with a certified doctor before you are all set to undergo any treatment procedure.


Facelift Candidates

Face lift procedure isn’t a very fussy technique but it requires the patient to be eligible for it since everyone is not suitable for a face-lift. Dubai cosmetic surgery considers ideal face lift candidates as those who:

  • Have good skin elasticity irrelevant of age and a strong bone structure.
  • Have lots of loose skin on their face resulting in wrinkles or a droopy look.
  • Have kept themselves as close as possible to a healthy weight and are tested negative for skin diseases.

Facelift Goals

The reader must understand that face lift is not a cure for a disease but a beautification process. It can boost self-esteem and physical appearance by tightening the skin hence achieving a younger more beautiful look. Most patients are within 40-70 years of age but facelifts can also be performed on younger patients. Main goals of a face lift are:

  • To remove sagging skin and fat deposits around the jaws and cheeks known as jowls
  • Excess fat around the chin and neck area are also trimmed off.
  • Wrinkles beside the mouth, eyes and on the forehead are smoothened out by tightening the skin.
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Facelift Techniques

By classifying face lifts into two main categories for better understanding we get invasive procedures and non-invasive procedures of facelift surgery in Dubai. The surgeon will determine exactly how much of each kind is necessary to deliver the look you wish to have.

Non Surgical Facelift: your surgeon will make use of injectables and/or derma fillers to tighten skin and give you a more youthful appearance. This is commonly known remedy for wrinkles. But for loose skin, excess fat and facial folds various degrees of invasive surgery is used.

Invasive: Incisions are made above the hairline of your forehead all the way down under your jaws running right behind the ears and even down the chin. The surgeon will peel back the skin and tighten the layer of underlying facial muscles while excess fat is removed. After the tissues of the face are tightened, excess skin is trimmed off.

Pre-op preparation

Simple rules to make your surgery less complicated and the recovery process easier are below:

  • Wear loose comfortable button down shirts on and after the day of surgery. This is to prevent pulling the cloth over your face.
  • Stop smoking and your intake of alcohol or other drugs that inhibit healing such as aspirin, herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Set up a recovery room at home that is well supplied with ointments, clean gauze, napkins, loose button-down clothes, pillows, ice bags (for swellings) and a thermometer.
  • Arrange for someone to pick you up from the clinic the day of the clinic.


  • Facelift surgery is performed on outpatient basis beginning with administration of local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, we prefer to use general anesthesia since it relaxes facial muscles a lot more. The total time for surgery could anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.
  • Incisions are made afterwards varying in extent from full face lift to mini face lift where incisions are only made behind the ears and jaws in the hairline.
  • Once incisions have been made, your plastic surgeon will carefully lift the skin to tighten the muscles and tissues below. Finally the excess skin is removed along with fat to perfect the contours of the face.
  • Once the procedure is over, your plastic surgeon will adjust the skin and close the incisions using stitches or medical staples.
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Our Face Lift Surgeons

Facelift Benefits

The chief benefit of a facelift/tightening treatment is that you will feel a notable difference in the firmness of your skin and your facial features will be “fresher”. The psychological benefits that come out of improving your beauty is heightened self-esteem and confidence.Also:

  • Your wrinkles will disappear; there will be no loose skin around your jaws while the contours of your neck and face will be well defined.
  • The affects of sun and wind on your skin will be greatly minimized.
  • The scars of surgery are hidden within the hairline or tucked within the neck. They usually fade away almost completely with time.
  • The results of face lift surgery are permanent and while making you look 10 years younger will also last for at least 10 more years as you take care of it.

Facelift Recovery

Recovery from face lift surgery can be divided into the first weeks following surgery. Remember that you will notice the difference right after surgery but the proper results will show after the first month.

  • Week 1 – The most difficult phase after surgery is this, where patients will experience discomfort and pain as well as swelling and bruising once the bandages have been removed by the doctor after a couple of days. There will be painkillers prescribed to help you fight the pain and fatigue while you get bed rest.
  • Week 2 – Once the bandages are removed, the patient will begin to feel better while there health catches on with proper diet and topical administration. Swelling and bruising will begin to subside while light walking is encouraged to circulate blood flow and prevent blood clotting.
  • Week 3 – Your final appointment at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is in this phase where the stitches are removed and as you feel remarkably better you will be allowed to continue normal routine activities like work and exercise.
  • Week 4 and beyond – The healing process is complete and your body has successfully accepted the surgery. Your face looks younger; the features are beautifully defined whereas the swelling and bruises have completely gone away. This is your face for long years to come!

Post-op Care

A few tips to remember after the face lift procedure are outlined below and will help aid the healing process to get optimal results.

  • Follow doctor’s instructions to handle the surgical sites which mean applying cream and taking in oral medicine.
  • Remove the bandages and stitches as per appointed time and keep your head elevated while sleeping for the first 2 weeks.
  • Abstain from the use of hair dryers and eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables as well as fluids.

Free Consultation

Remember, the whole point of a facelift surgery with our latest tightening procedures is to make you feel younger and hence feel better about yourself. Each patient applying for facelift will receive a procedure unique to them only. So send in your details for a free consultation and get to know what we have to offer about facelift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah from one of our experts.

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