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A hair transplant surgeon’s most demanding duty is not only to restore the lost hair but also be able to match the quality of hair to be grafted and reproduced in the correct pattern which varies from patient to patient. Hair along the temples usually doesn’t have such ergonomic and design factors needed for it to be restored, but the hair on the vertex of the head requires extensive study and evaluation before a doctor can outline a procedure.

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Type III to type VI patients are individuals who suffer from different levels of the recession in the hairline, temples and the crown. The condition of these patients ranges in intensity from separated recession areas on the crown and temples to balding areas on the temples and crown, which have to be merged into one.

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What to do

Crown hair restoration is performed via FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique hence necessitating a large volume of contributing hair. The hair should also be of adequate quality to be grafted and eventually grown naturally by the body itself. Hair on the crown is supposed to be long and dense to an extent that it can be combed and aesthetically disguise balding so as to treat the patient both anatomically, aesthetically and psychologically. The advantage of FUE in this procedure is that body hair can be harvested for the purpose and quality needed in restoring artistic crown/vertex design hair. In this simultaneous surgical procedure large volumes of donor hair – even from the body – are harvested in follicle units to restore a full crown of hair.

Surgery Requirements

There do exist various and extensive requirements and consideration for the surgeon and the patient to kept in mind when going for artistic vertex crown design hair transplant. Evaluating a patient properly, finding out about their aesthetic goals while keeping in mind their biological limitations and anatomical peculiarities is the job a skilled surgeon has to conduct before the surgery.

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The Whirlwind Design

Everyone has a unique vertex circular pattern at the top of their head where the crown hair curls off in a different direction towards the various sides of the head. In the proper direction, hair is spun at the vertex with top hair extending forward and rear hair sloping backward as well as the sides. The Whirlwind Design follows a flat centrifugal shape of hair rotating outwards from a fixed central point. Only with immense skill, determination, evaluation, and patience can the doctor examine this design and emulate it in surgery once that area undergoes balding.

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The Volume Issue

Several factors are bunched under this such as crown size, volume of crown hair loss and size of hair strands. These considerations are important when utilizing FUE hair transplant technique since it involves preparing grafts from body hair sources in cases of taking donor head hair is risky. Unlike hair lines, the spherical and large expanse of hair that covers that area, a bald crown is aesthetically challenging to transplant with hair. It may appear to be excessively bald than other areas of the head until the transplanted hair has fully grown. The greater surface area of the crown hence is another challenging aspect that a surgeon has to look at acutely.

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Numerous are the benefits that befall this type of hair restoration technique notable of which is the restored youthful look, increased virility, confidence, psychological and even hormonal boost in men.

Additionally crown hair surgery for balding people allows them to restore hair to their heads in a natural and immensely successful manner, given all the effort, examination and time (as well as money) put into it. Temporary solutions such as wigs, fashion accessories and parlor visits are completely signed doff for life with this treatment. Moreover it is their own natural hair that their body adopts and grows giving them a sense of pride as well. It can never be apparent if the patient has undergone surgery when the treatment has been performed at the crown – especially with the newer techniques.

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