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Spider veins are visible veins that look like red, blue, green or violet webs in your skin. These are often problems by women who get bothered by the sight of it for they start to hate wearing short skirts and shorts or any type of clothing that shows their legs. Spider veins can often appear on areas like the thighs, calves and ankles. This is often the dilemma of middle aged women and even men but can also be a problem for individuals who have the possibility to have it as early as in their twenties. There are different ways to prevent spider veins and more ways to treat it as well. Spider veins can appear on both men and women of any age and status in life. This type of dilemma is very common nowadays and this can be due to many various factors.

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Possible Causes of Spider Veins:

  • Heredity: when a family member is prone to spider veins and varicose veins, the probability appearing through the offspring can be 90 percent to a hundred.
  • Hormonal change: spider veins may appear for women who experience changes in their hormones during puberty stage and during pregnancy.
  • Weight loss and gain: individuals who suffer from yoyo diets and weight gain in a short span of time may have the tendency of having spider veins or varicose veins.
  • Type of Job or Occupation: another factor for having spider veins can depend on what type of job the person has. Sales ladies, sales clerks and such are jobs that require standing and walking for long periods and strains on the legs due to such activity can cause spider veins to appear.
  • Sports and other strenuous activities: lifting heavy weights, walking for long hours and jogging can cause the vein to pop when not taken cared of properly. These are just some of the main reasons why the appearance of spider veins can be very prominent for other individuals.

Ways to Prevent Spider Veins:

  • Do exercises that can help circulate the blood in your leg area and prevent the appearance of spider veins. Jogging and walking for at least an hour or two a day can give proper circulation and can help ward off the development of spider veins.
  • Avoid standing for a very long time. This can cause pressure to the legs and feet which can weaken the blood vessel walls. Though this can never be avoided especially for jobs that require such, a person can prevent this by shifting weight from one foot to the other. Try to walk it off for at least fifteen minutes when your feet start to hurt while standing.
  • Sitting positions can also cause spider veins when legs are often crossed together for longer period of time. Always make sure to sit up straight and be very conscious of your posture while sitting to help circulate the blood in the body.
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  • Always maintain an healthy weight which means maintaining a healthy diet. Over weight individuals are very much prone to spider veins for excessive fats in the body can put pressure on your feet as well when doing activities which means giving a lot of pressure to the veins.
  • After every strenuous activity, individuals are advised to always raise their feet while lying down to help the blood circulate. It works much better if the feet are raised on the wall to help the blood flow and prevent spider veins.
  • Wear stockings or compression hose and support hose to  help compress the veins back and lessen the appearance of spider veins.

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