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Written by: Dr. Federico Di Francesco MD | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rutsnei Schmitz

Keloids Treatment

Sometimes, after an injury or surgery, a mark or scar remains visible on the skin. Different types of scars can appear on the skin as a result of different experiences. A keloid scar is a typical scar that usually appears on the skin after an injury. Keloid scars do not disappear or reduce in size over time. Usually, they keep growing and become harmful. A keloids treatment in Dubai helps eliminate such scars without being too invasive.

What is a keloid?

A keloid is basically the overgrowth of scar tissue. It forms on the injury site (sometimes without an injury, too) and keeps growing to the nearby areas. Typically, a keloid looks like a red bump of skin that is extremely itchy and keeps getting bigger with time. Some patients have purple or brown bumps instead of red. In some cases, keloids can also get infected and become extremely painful.

Although keloids can affect anyone, people with darker skin tone are more likely to be affected. The most common sites for keloids to appear are the chest, back, shoulders, neck, and ears.

Causes of Keloid

The most common causes of keloid formation are given below:

  • Injury
  • Burn
  • Acne
  • Surgery
  • Blisters
  • Piercing
  • Vaccination

Keloids Symptoms

The most common symptoms of a keloid are:

  • A bump like raised scar tissue at the site of a recuperated skin damage
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Redness


It is not impossible to prevent a keloid from forming. You need to be extremely careful after an injury to prevent keloid formation. Petroleum gel and bandages can help keep the skin well-protected after an injury. Otherwise, you will not have any option except keloids treatment Dubai.

Keloids Treatments

Most of the time, keloids don’t cause any serious threat to your health. However, sometimes they can be painful and irritating. Moreover, they don’t look pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, most people want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are different keloid treatments available. Some of them are invasive, while others are entirely non-invasive.


Although most people don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure for keloid removal, it is inevitable in the case of old, large keloids. During the surgery, the large bump on the skin is cut out.

Typically, the results are immediate. However, the permanence of results is not guaranteed. In some cases, a keloid can reappear on the skin after being surgically removed.


Cryosurgery or the freezing method is also used for removing a keloid scar. In this treatment, liquid nitrogen is used on the keloid scar. It will freeze the raised bump, which can be easily removed.

Although this treatment for keloids is effective, it can cause skin discoloration. Usually, it is preferred for removing small keloids and acne scars.

Laser Therapy

Considered the best treatment for keloids in Dubai, laser therapy is an excellent alternative to surgery. After laser therapy, keloids usually never reappear. The laser beam is directly targeted at the affected area. As a result, the keloid gets removed. There are no severe side-effects of this treatment, but sometimes bruising can occur.


Medicines can also be used as a keloid scar treatment Dubai. Corticosteroid is a popular medication that is used to treat keloids. There is a very low inflammation risk in this method.

keloids treatment FAQs

Can you permanently remove a keloid?

With the help of keloids treatment in Dubai, it is possible to remove a keloid. However, there is no guarantee if a keloid will not reappear. Many cases have been reported where a treated keloid reappeared some time after the treatment.

How can I remove a keloid at home?

It is possible to remove keloids with home remedies. Aspirin, honey, garlic, and onion can be used to prepare different masks. They have anti-inflammatory qualities that help remove the keloid.

Do Dermatologists remove keloids?

Yes, dermatologists are qualified for removing keloids. However, other practitioners and laser specialists may also remove keloid scars. But dermatologists usually provide the best treatment for keloids in Dubai.

How to prevent keloids?

Although it is hard to prevent a keloid formation, it is not impossible. If you have experienced an injury or undergone surgery, try to be extremely careful with it. Use petroleum gel and bandages to protect the skin.

How to prevent keloids on piercings?

To prevent keloids after piercings, you need to use petroleum gel on the area that is pierced. A non-stick bandage can also be used to keep the wound protected.

How much does Keloid treatment cost?

Keloid removal cost Dubai differs from patient to patient depending on some factors like;

The treatment chosen
The expertise of the dermatologist
The location of the clinic
The severity of the problem

Therefore, it is recommended to consult with an expert to know the exact cost relevant to your case.

What is the best treatment for keloids?

Only an expert dermatologist can suggest the best treatment for keloids considering your skin condition. Out of all the options available, laser treatment for keloids is considered the best and effective way to remove keloid scars. You should consult with a dermatologist before choosing any treatment.

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