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Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is a multi-specialty plastic surgery clinic founded by Dr. Farhat Bokhari back in 2005. The network has distinguished itself by providing premier Cosmetic and Hair Restorative Surgery services at an affordable cost to locals and overseas patients alike. We have a nexus of world-class clinics in the UAE to facilitate more and more people in the region.


Recognizing the uniqueness of each person and the need for personalization and customization, we work closely with our clients to help them find their options. Moreover, we go the extra mile to cater to their individual health and beauty needs. Our clients range from individuals and families to support groups and corporations.


Our Vision

To shine as a regional model for patient experience in beautification, anti-aging, and scar care procedures and surgeries.


Our Mission

To deliver a unique holistic approach to beauty & wellness, anti-aging, and scar management for body and soul from child to elderly patent.

Our Values (Key Attributes)

Availability/Access Today Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is one of the significant private facilities operating internationally. Dedicated teams of specialists are now available at all our new healthcare service centers
Excellence Our professional network comprises over 45 experience-driven specialists and professor doctors. They are actively practicing and possess enviable credentials, experience, exposure, expertise, and an excellent track record.
Patient safety focused Patient first”: All our clinics and departments are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, and our substantial investment ensures that they also get upgraded without fail. Don’t take our word for it; visit our clinics to see yourself or take a virtual tour here.
Humanity & Respect At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we firmly believe in treating each of our valued clients with the utmost care. We go all-out to create a welcoming and hospitable environment where you feel appreciated. From clinical staff to medical experts, each of our members ensures that you receive the attention you deserve and with your dignity preserved.
Communication The key to our success is flawless communication that we maintain to nurture a relationship of trust with our patients. We remain open to hearing and understanding all your concerns. We take note of all your problems and provide the necessary information to help you make informed decisions about your wellness.
Compassion We deal with each of our patients with compassion and care. This is because we believe that kindness and the feeling of being understood are the fundamental rights of every patient. We know that pursuing aesthetic and wellness goals can be challenging, so we go above and beyond to make you feel valued and ensure that you stay motivated.
Team oriented &

Multidisciplinary Patient Care

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we work as a team to address all your concerns regarding your well-being. With a patient-centric approach, we formulate customized treatment plans that target your goals and preferences.
Life-long Learning Always up-to-date with the latest research and diagnostic and treatment options

Dr-farhat.jpg2 How it began……

Dr. Farhat Bokhari M.D was the founding partner of the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. He was an American board-certified plastic surgeon who completed his MBBS degree in 1979 at King Edward Medical University Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Bokhari was a dedicated and highly compassionate Plastic, Cosmetic, and Hair Transplant Surgeon with almost 18 years of experience. He established the “Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Center” in Vienna, USA, in 1994 and performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries throughout his career.


He was a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons. Moreover, Dr. Bokhari got trained with some of the best plastic surgeons in the USA. He operated on many doctors as well and was known as the “Plastic Surgeon for the Doctors.”


Dr. Bokhari conducted several hair transplantation training courses in Islamabad to teach new doctors how to become hair transplant experts. His unwavering ambition and consistent efforts led him to become a motivational speaker as well. He attended various seminars and conferences in his home country and all over the world. Unfortunately, Dr. Bokhari died on 29th July 2013, but the competent and hard-working team at the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has kept his mission and legacy alive.

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