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Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

Hair loss and baldness are two cosmetic problems that men have been combating for ages but failed to find a reliable solution until the 20th century when Hair Transplant Surgery was introduced. Introduced in the mid 20th century, hair transplant is the most reliable hair restoration technique today that has recently been rated as one of the most in-demand cosmetic surgery procedures among men.

Hair Transplant Estimated Cost

The most frequently asked question about the procedure is Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers hair transplant at highly competitive rates. The estimated cost of FUT Hair Transplant is AED 10 to AED 12 per graft, while the estimated FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai is AED 15 to AED 20 per graft. Please note this ‘per graft cost range’ is the basic pricing factor. There are other factors as well that influence the cost.

How much is 2000 hair grafts?

Considering the price per graft at our clinic, the cost of 2000 hair grafts is approximately AED 20,000 to AED 24000 for the FUT procedure. However, for the FUE procedure, the cost of 2000 hair grafts is approximately AED 30,000 to AED 40,000.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplantation is a cosmetic procedure with no fixed cost. The cost of the procedure varies significantly from person to person, depending upon various factors which include:

  • Hair transplant method you choose.
  • The number of hair grafts required for the desired thickness.
  • Size of the area that needs to be covered.
  • Experience and expertise of the surgeon.
  • The geographic location of your provider.

Hair Transplant Method

The cost of hair transplant in Dubai primarily depends on the technique used for graft extraction. Follicular Unit Transplant, also known as Strip Removal Method, is the traditional technique that involves strip cutting to obtain hair grafts for implantation. It is relatively less expensive than the modern-day FUE technique, which involves direct graft extraction, without cutting and stitching skin.

Number of Grafts Required

It is true that the hair transplant cost in Dubai depends on the number of grafts required to achieve desired hair density and thickness. However, many other factors also affect ‘final cost’ like ‘per graft rate’.
The reason for mentioning per-graft charges is to give you a hint about the basic cost. It is a personalized procedure, and you can ask us about the cost you will have to pay. Please contact us anytime to know all terms and conditions. Moreover, per graft cost varies from one hair transplant method to another.

Before & After

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Size of the Area

If you have a larger bald patch, you will obviously need more grafts to cover that. In this way, your hair transplant in Dubai cost will also be higher. 

Size of the Area

The Expertise of the Surgeon

Hair transplant cost in Dubai also varies significantly from one surgeon to another based on his/her experience, surgical skills, and reputation. A highly skilled and well-reputed surgeon will obviously charge you more than a novice who has just started practice.

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