Dimple Creation

One of the most desired treatments among people is dimple creation in Dubai also known as Dimpleplasty. Dimples are considered as a sign of beauty and prosperity and some cultures associate them with good fortune. They help to brighten up a smile and add character to the face. They are especially desired by those who have family members or friends who have naturally occurring dimples. A natural dimple is usually formed when there exists a tiny defect in the cheek muscles. The skin that overlays this small defect is stuck down to the connective tissue underlying it and creates a dimple in the skin when you smile. Luckily, this naturally occurring process can be stimulated by dimple implant surgery.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment

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Time Required

20 Min



Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

1 Week

Success Rate

Success Rate

Very high Success Rate

Are You a Candidate?

More and more people are opting for dimpleplasty treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Dimple creation is equally effective for both men and women. You can be an excellent candidate for this procedure if:

  • You want to have dimple on your cheek or chin – usually women want to have dimples on their cheeks while men prefer having it on chin.
  • You are generally in good health.
  • You have realistic expectations from the procedure.

How Much Does Dimple Creation Cost?

The cost of dimple surgery in Dubai varies from patient to patient based on the number of dimples desired by the individual. On average, single dimple creation costs approximately 3000 AED and double dimple creation costs round about 10,000 AED in the UAE region.

Dimple Creation Goals

Dimple surgery in Dubai aims at improving your facial appearance and making your smile brighter by creating a small indentation, a dimple, on your cheeks.

Pre-op Preparation

Dimple creation surgery is relatively simple procedure but still you need to take few steps for preparation. During the pre-op visit, our plastic surgeon will guide you what you can expect from the procedure and will give you pre-surgical instructions. Some common instructions are:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking for a recommended period of time.
  • Discontinue taking medications such as Aspirin, Motrin, Advil or any type of NSAIDs or fish oil at least a week before the procedure.
  • Do not eat or drink anything 6 hours prior to procedure.
  • Follow the prescriptions and use recommended supplements and vitamins.

Dimple Surgery Procedure

The latest procedure for dimpleplasty is very simple and easy. It is performed under local anesthesia and does not take more than 20 minutes to complete. The steps for the surgery include:

  • Administration of local anesthesia.
  • The surgeon will make a small, painless incision inside the cheek.
  • Then a small absorb-able stitch will be passed across the cheek that will catch the under-surface of the skin where dimple is desired.
  • This stitch will be then tied to create dimple in the overlying skin of cheek.

Our Surgeons

Treatment Benefits

Dimple creation in Dubai is a simple and short procedure that carries a lot of benefits. Some of its benefits include:

  • It makes your smile and facial appearance more attractive.
  • It is relatively short and painless procedure.
  • It is safe and effective.
  • It causes minimal swelling and bruising and there are very rare chances of infection.
  • The procedure does not require downtime.
  • It significantly boosts your self-esteem and confidence.
  • It is reversible if desired.


The procedure is tremendously safe but it may come with a few complications. However, these risks are temporary. Following is a list of risks associated with the procedure!

  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Unsatisfactory results

Suggestion – Medicines can be recommended to reduce these effects.

Recovery Time

The recovery phase of Dimple plastic surgery is different for every patient but mostly it is very smooth and comfortable.

  • You will experience slight pain and discomfort but these symptoms will have a minimal effect and they will subside quickly.
  • You will be free to eat or drink anything after surgery.
  • The stitches will dissolve in about a week.
  • Swelling will subside completely in few days.
  • You will be able to resume your normal activities after the surgery.
  • Healing period is between 7 to 10 days.

Post-operative Care

Proper post-operative care is very important for a successful procedures and smooth recovery. Our plastic surgeon will give you a thorough list of post-surgical instructions. Here are some common ones.

  • Use ice-packs or cold compresses to get rid of swelling, bruising, and discomfort.
  • Complete the course of prescribed antibiotics.
  • Rinse your mouth regularly with antiseptic solution.
  • Eat soft food like pudding and soup.
  • Popsicles are also effective for numbing the inner cheek after the procedure and will minimize pain.
  • You will be able to return to your work the next day after surgery but avoid strenuous activities and exercise for a couple of days.

Dimple Creation Results

At first dimple will appear even without facial animation but after a couple of days or even weeks you will have the dimple only while smiling or moving the face. The scarring between the musculature and inner skin will cause a permanent dimple even after the stitch is absorbed. The results of the procedure are permanent but it is completely reversible.

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