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Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Who wouldn’t want a smile that blinds? The truth is we all love white teeth which is why we are always clamoring for the latest toothpaste that claims effective teeth whitening. After all, the first impression is sometimes the only impression and pearly white teeth can create an unforgettable impression, giving a boost to your confidence as well. 

As we get older, our teeth become discolored due to a number of reasons which include smoking, drinking tea or coffee and consuming other colored drinks as well as foods. The staining usually happens on the surface, hence the need for professional teeth whitening in Dubai increases. 

Types of Teeth Whitening

There are different types of professional teeth whitening but the most common are;

  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Zoom teeth whitening

These methods for teeth whitening are very effective and work by lightening the color of your teeth without interfering or removing a part of your teeth enamel. The whitening of teeth varies from one person to another, what your friend achieves from the treatment might not be what you achieve.  

Candidacy For Teeth Whitening

Before going for the procedure, you need to know if you are a good candidate for the treatment or not. You will get the best results only if you fulfill the criterion of candidacy. Your dentist will assist you in this regard. You are a good candidate for teeth whitening Dubai if you;

  • Have healthy teeth and gums.
  • Haven’t got filling or teeth restoration treatment before.
  • Got yellowish-colored teeth.
  • Are in overall good health.
  • Have realistic expectations from the procedure.

Goals Of Teeth Whitening

Teeth cleaning and whitening Dubai aims to;

  • Brighten your smile.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Enhance the overall personality.
  • Reduce the look of wrinkles.
  • Make your personality and overall appearance more attractive than before.

Preoperative Instructions

  • Follow the diet plan that is provided by your surgeon.
  • Take the prescribed medicines on time.
  • Get your x-rays and other prescribed tests done.
  • Keep an ice pack at home.
  • Wear loose clothes on the day of surgery.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

The dentist will start the procedure by cleaning your teeth to remove any residue on them. Then the process of whitening starts. This technique is simpler than orthodontic treatment. If you are using laser teeth whitening, the process will be over in less than 30 minutes.

However, if you are using Zoom teeth whitening Dubai, the procedure will be more intense. After the cleaning, your gums will be protected with a barrier and the zoom gel will be applied to the teeth. It is then activated with a special light produced by a zoom lamp. After the desired whiteness is achieved, the protective barrier is then removed, and the result is super white teeth. This procedure can take almost an hour to accomplish the desired results.  

Postoperative Instructions

  • Use ice packs in case of bruising or bleeding.
  • You may feel a little pain after the procedure which depends on the severity of the procedure. So, take the prescribed medicines regularly.
  • Maintain the diet prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take rest as suggested by the dentist.


If you follow the preoperative and postoperative instructions carefully, the recovery time will be less as compared to the actual time. Furthermore, you may ask about the recovery process in the initial session with your dental surgeon.


The results are outstanding and all of the patients, who have got teeth whitening Dubai are very happy with the results. According to an estimate, the results last for 4 months or even more than that. The results also depend on the overall diet and dental health.    

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Teeth Whitening FAQ’s

Is teeth whitening permanent?

No. Teeth whitening in Dubai is not permanent. If you continue to consume foods and beverages that cause staining, you will start losing the whiteness. You need to clean your teeth and maintain good oral health if you want the effects to last longer. Still, the results don’t last for life. You will have to get another whitening treatment. 

What is laser whitening?

It is a teeth whitening treatment in which a whitening agent is applied to the teeth and a laser is used which initiates the whitening process. It involves a very concentrated bleaching agent due to which certain precautions are required to keep your lips, cheeks, and gums protected. Laser teeth whitening Dubai is performed by an expert dentist only. 

How long does the treatment take?

The laser teeth whitening in Dubai can take almost 30 minutes whereas zoom teeth whitening can take an hour.

Does teeth whitening work on veneers?

No. Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. Veneers are restorations that are made up of porcelain or resins. Such restorative materials do not respond to the bleaching or whitening agents and need to be replaced.

Is teeth whitening harmful to your teeth?

Professional teeth whitening Dubai is neither harmful to your teeth nor causes any permanent damage to the teeth enamel. 

Does teeth whitening hurt?

No. Teeth whitening Dubai does not cause any pain. It can cause slight discomfort and sensitivity in the gums during or after the procedure. But these sensations are temporary and subside in a few days. Other than that, there is no severe pain.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Teeth whitening Dubai Cost varies from individual to individual depending on the requirements of the patient and type of the procedure used. You can check out the teeth whitening cost page for more information or consult with our dentist to know the exact cost.

Home Teeth Whitening 

We have also introduced home teeth whitening kit for your ease. It enables you to achieve professional teeth whitening at home without any assistance. The kit is safe and easy to use and does not involve any complex procedures. You can get a kit for teeth whitening at home after consulting with our dentists. They will guide you on how to use the at-home teeth whitening kits.

Home teeth whitening in Dubai is not only safe but offers effective results as well. Many patients who have used the kit are satisfied with the results that appear within 2 weeks.

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