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Volbella is the newest advancement in the range of juvederm dermal fillers. It has been designed particularly for the lip and mouth area. This filler is like a smooth gel that is easy to flow. It comprises of hyaluronic acid that naturally exists in human body.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment

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Time Required

30-45 Mins


Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time


Success Rate

Very high Success Rate

This compound helps our skin in staying hydrated by absorbing the moisture. However, the production of hyaluronic acid may slow down with the aging process causing your lips to lose volume and lines to appear on your lips and the area around your mouth.

B&A Results

The results of the Volbella fillers will take few days to be completely noticeable. But you will experience the difference immediately. You may feel that over fullness of the lips but it will become normal in less than a day. The results of Volbella fillers can last up to a year.No Guarantee, as the results may vary from person to person.


Volbella Goals

  • It is used to enlarge the appearance of lips.
  • It is used to give volume to the lips.
  • It is used to fill up the vertical lines that appear on your lips.
  • It is used to eradicate smile lines that appear around the corners of your mouth and nose.
  • It improves the outline of the face.
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Volbella Procedure

It is a simple and safe procedure that involves no serious risks if performed by a well-experience medical practitioner. Make sure you have chosen the best clinic for you to ensure your safety and success of treatment. Your practitioner will mark the sites where injections are needed to be made. Volbella is a smooth gel like filler that is injected in very small amount using a fine needle. The numbers of injections or the amount of filler needed will be dependent on your requirements and existing condition.

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Our Surgeons

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery has the best cosmetic surgeons who are experts in using Volbella Filler. All of our surgeons are board certified with a vast amount of experience.


Volbella Benefits

  • This filler is smooth.
  • It is a non-invasive and painless procedure.
  • It produces soft and natural looking results.
  • It produces long lasting results.
  • It does not require any downtime.
  • Results can be reversed or altered depending upon your requirements.

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If you want to get plumped out lips, Volbella dermal filler is the right treatment for you. You can talk to one of our experts to understand the right treatment for you, fill in the given form to book yourself a free consultation.

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