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Green Peel Treatment


Green Peels in Dubai is a facial treatment that helps peel off dead and dull skin. This is the best treatment to rejuvenate the skin and help make the new skin underneath appear. Green peels treatment in Dubai is a method that uses a mixture of pure natural ingredients and does not have the content of any harsh chemicals that can cause burning and other serious side effects on the skin. Compared to other peeling methods, Green Peels in Dubai does not also contain any synthetic abrasives and the herbal ingredients used do not cause any sting to the eyes if ever the green peel mixture used come in contact with the eyes. This type of skin treatment has been in the health and lifestyle industry for almost fifty years now. It is not an new formulation so possible clients who are curious about this type of treatment should not have any second thoughts or fear for getting such treatment. The usual formulation of green peels is plant or herb based and is usually one hundred percent natural and organic. The after result of getting a Green Peel in Dubai can be comparable to any chemical peel treatments but with lesser side effects and lesser pain during the application of the peeling agent.

Advantages of Using Green Peels in Dubai:

  • Helps lessen the oil or sebum in the skin which can cause oily skin and acne.
  • Reduce the appearance of huge pores on the skin which are usually prone to whitehead and blackheads.
  • Helps smoothen out the texture of any rough skin which can be caused by acne scars.
  • It can help prevent skin impurities like pimples and acne.
  • It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It can help lighten any signs of scars and skin discoloration in the facial region.
  • This treatment is best for individuals who are prone to skin asthma and other type of skin problems that can cause the ugly sight of the thickening of the epidermis.
  • This can help reduce any signs of aging especially to mature skin which have been abused with the constant use of beauty chemicals.
  • This treatment is best to contour the face with the help of an herbal ingredient that help tighten any loose or flabby skin.
  • Green peels can also help lighten any kind of skin discoloration.
  • Green peels treatment causes less pain or no pain at all compared to chemical peels.
  • Green peels can also help reduce the ugly sight of stretchmark and cellulites.

Steps to Green Peels Treatment:

  • Patients will be applied with a formula that contains all natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin.
  • Once the formula has started to slightly dry (peels are not advised to leave totally dry on the skin), gentle peeling of the outer layers of skin will then follow.
  •  The entire treatment can last up to five days. This is because the peeling happens gradually as the formula tries to penetrate into the skin.
  • In the span of that five day period, post treatment, the skin may appear to be reddish and slightly irritated which can be similar to mild sunburn but not as worst as the burning effect of any chemical peel.
  • After five days, patients can see positive results of new and improved skin. A promise to a fresher, clearer and more radiant skin.