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Ultherapy Dubai – Non Surgical Facelift

Ulthera facelift now at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, a non-invasive treatment with assured results. No Surgery, Scars, or Downtime.  

Treating acne scars with laser

When acne strikes, we end up more worried about the scars left behind by acne more than the acne itself. This is because acne scar removal can be a very stubborn and difficult process. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we have our team of qualified specialists to help you out in […]

Latest brands of breast implants

Breast augmentation in Dubai has improved and become more popular over the years. It is no longer a reserve of the overly rich and famous, because worldwide, it is estimated that more than 1.5 million women had a “boob job” at least in 2013. Whatever you put inside your body, […]

Trends in anti-aging treatments

A few days ago at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we had a client who came in for skin resurfacing as an anti-aging treatment in Dubai. During the consultation, she asked a very important question: if all anti-aging treatments work the same way and how she can be able to tell a […]

Top 5 Amla Tricks For Hair Loss

Hair loss is very common problem and everyone including male and female both are suffering from this problem. For men, besides hair loss in the scalp, hair fall in beard is also a common problem and a large number of men want a permanent and effective method to grow hair […]

Angelina Jolie Breast Surgery

Breasts are an important figurative feature of women’s body, which significantly affect your appearance. But sometimes women don’t get satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts because either they are too small or underdeveloped or excessively large and painful. On the other hand in some cases, women lose […]

Trending body rejuvenation for men

Gone are the days when body rejuvenation was only for women. Nowadays, seeing men and women mingle at the plastic surgeon’s office, each waiting for his/her turn is the order of the day. Both genders might carry somewhat different anatomies but in the end, everybody deserves to feel confident and […]