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Combining Chin-Jowl Implants with Local Anesthesia

Cosmetic surgery provides solution to nearly every aesthetic problem and its demand has been continuously increasing since last two decades. There are a number of people who are seeking younger looking appearance and refined facial profile. Various facial surgeries are available to effectively and permanently improve the appearance of face. […]

How Much Does Botox for Hyperhidrosis of the Underarm cost?

Perspiration is no doubt a necessity for our body as it removes the toxins out of the body but when our sweat glands start producing excess amount of sweat, it can become annoying and unbearable for us. Having wet underarms and stinking smell all the time is obviously unacceptable for […]

Laser Skin Whitening Treatment Worth it?

In many cultures, skin whitening is pursued for aesthetic and cultural reasons. Fair skin is associated with wealth and aristocracy in some regions, so fairer skin can project these qualities though most of the people don’t believe it too. However it is very common that fair skin is associated with […]

Hair Loss, Balding, Hair Shedding, Alopecia

Hair loss is quite a common problem these days and both the genders – male and female – are suffering from this problem. Hair loss sometimes leads to baldness and this condition becomes very depressing for lots of people. There are a number of treatments for hair loss but before […]

Liposuction to Remove Lipomas

Liposuction is quite popular and effective procedure for removal of fat on localized areas of the body. It is the perfect option for those who want to improve the shape and contour of the body. It is not an alternative of diet and exercise and can’t be used for weight […]

Will It Be Obvious if a Patient Had a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is among the five most popular plastic surgery procedures. It is also one of the most complex and popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed. It is an effective and safe procedure for those who are unhappy with the shape and size of their nose and want to improve them. In […]

What Size Of Breast Implants to Choose?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, a large number of women get benefit from it every year and its demand has been increasing since last few years. The goal of this procedure is enhancing the shape and contour of breasts and giving them volume. It is done […]