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Dr Juan Tadeo Krogulec – Specialist Plastic Surgeon and FUE Hair Transplant Expert

In addition to being a Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant expert, Dr Juan Tadeo is also uniquely experienced in what it takes to maintain the “beautiful lifestyle” that is popular with cosmetic surgery. As a Latin-American plastic surgeon, he is well placed to know how important beauty is to both […]

Spring is Here| Let Your Skin Glow

The facial treatment, which is available at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, works by peeling off the dead cells on the top most layer of your skin leaving a very soft and glowing skin. But before the treatment, you have to consult with an expert in skin treatments like we have at […]

Why Banana is a Healthy Food

This is because bananas contain a lot of benefits to the human body. They are filled with vitamins and minerals including protein, folate, niacin, magnesium and dietary fibre which help in maintaining a healthy body. Not only are bananas good for adults, they are also very loved by children. Benefits […]

Understanding and dealing with cellulite

These are just a few of the things that we do to try and achieve that smooth and toned look on our “problem”areas. For most of us between the ages of 25 and 35 or more,we wake up every day wishing the dimples on our thighs and other areas were […]

Turning back the clock: The Spring lunch-hour facial rejuvenation

Fillers, Botox and Ultherapy are our leading spring magic treatments for the face that will make you look at least five to 10 years younger. When combined as we are doing for this lunch-hour facial rejuvenation, the results are bound to be magical. From lifting, filling and smoothening out your […]

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation and How Does it Differ From Implant Surgery?

Nearly every woman desires to have fuller breasts because large breasts are considered the sign of beauty and femininity in women. Breast augmentation procedures are the most effective and beneficial methods for enhancing the contours and size of breasts. Going under the knife for breast implant surgery has long been […]

What Are the Benefits of Having Breast Implants?

Not all the women have the same body and similarly not all the women have large breasts. However, it is reality that nearly all women want to have full bust line. Unfortunately, there are many women in the world who have either naturally small breasts or aging, pregnancy and significant […]