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To get a liposuction always choose a better health channel in Dubai since it makes all the difference between being satisfied with your results and leading a life with a distorted body. Educating yourself about the procedure, its various techniques, limitations, recovery process and candidacy is essential before choosing it. The UAE is haven not only for tourists,

Strawberries are for more than just Valentine’s Day

Strawberries have been known for their juicy and sweet flavors. Combined with other delicacies, they make up the signature mark of Valentine’s Day, which is why they are described as a romantic delicacy. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we care for more than just your physical appearance. That’s why we always encourage you to keep your body healthy.

Brazilian Gluteal Lift

Get a Curvaceous Body with the Brazilian Gluteal Lift

Brazilian Buttock lift or simply Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai has become very popular of late, with a lot of women wanting an attractive, rounded and prominent rear that is synonymous with Brazilian women. The Brazilian Butt lift is different from a normal Buttock augmentation procedure because it uses the fat transfer method.

The fat transfer method of buttock augmentation uses the patient’s own fat from another part of her body,


Upper Blepharoplasty in Dubai


Upper blepharoplasty is when incisions are surgically made on the skin to facilitate the removal excess skin and fat tissue. Fine stitches are then used to strategically conjoin the skin creating and eyelid crease.

Lower eyelid surgery is a procedure that surgically removes eye bags in chronic cases. Incisions may be made directly beneath the bottom eye lash line or on the inside of the lower eyelid that is known as transconjunctival incision.


Round Face Surgeries in Dubai

As distances grow shorter with social media and globalization, trends are created for standards of beauty and aesthetics all over the world. People form concepts of beauty based on these social norms rather than the ethnic concepts of attractiveness that once existed. Round faces for instance were once regarded as a healthy sign in Asian cultures reflecting on the healthy upbringing of individual hence becoming as standard for the family as a whole rather than the individuals themselves.

Make Face Slimmer and Narrow

Facelift for Younger People to Make Face Slimmer and Narrow

Plastic surgeons more than often get to encounter such patients who are not satisfied with how the shape of their face looks like. In this case its most commonly observed that they are usually referring to their facial transverse width. Many of these patients would like a slimmer face with a decreased transverse breadth. Ostensibly the individuals turn towards plastic surgeons in hopes of getting a facelift in order to address the ‘issue’.

Facelift in Dubai

Nose Correction Surgery in Dubai

Among the most popular cosmetic procedures to be performed in Dubai – and even the whole world for that matter – is nose correction surgery. Also known as rhinoplasty, it serves to reshape minor proportional aspects of the nose. Size can be corrected by making the nose smaller (removing tissue) or larger (grafting tissue), shape can be corrected (bumps or depressions in the tip or bridge) and nasal surgery (the nostril area and what lies between the nose and the upper lip) can be performed for functional or aesthetic correction.


Laser Liposuction Abu Dhabi

Laser liposuction is revolutionary in ways that allows for effective liquidation of fat prior to suctioning. Moreover the added advantage of skin tightening due to collagen stimulating laser frequency is prevents saggy skin and stretch marks from appearing following the procedure. Laser liposuction in Abu Dhabi also accelerates healing, reducing post operative pain and with the added effect of pain numbing prescriptions ensures that the patient enjoys speedy recovery and promising results soon thereafter.

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