Scar Repair & Revision in Dubai

Scar Repair & Revision in Dubai

Wounds of all types take time and tissue to heal. A fresh wound will result in a sudden boost of white blood cell and platelet production to combat any foreign germs entering the wound and to close the wound through clotting. This normally results in tenderness, inflammation and swelling around the wound as the healing process starts.

Nose Augmentation and Nose Reshaping

Nose Augmentation and Nose Reshaping

It goes without saying that the decision to undergo rhinoplasty is normally preceded with a lengthy process of learning about and making that decision. Even before you appear for the pre-operative appointment a basic idea of how the procedure will benefit you is probably in your head. For those who have not gone through that process,

Thighoplasty Procedures

Upper Leg Lift and Other Thighoplasty Procedures

An upper leg lift can be performed through a variety of approaches aimed at removing excess loose skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Liposuction and liposculpture is a method of removing fat and contouring the body with natural materials to remove extra fat deposits and smoother out the skin’s exterior. The combination of techniques performed varies upon anatomical distribution,

Illustrating Embracing Scars in Dubai

Facial Scar Revision Treatment

The treatment that is chosen for you will vary based upon the numerous variables dictating surgery such as extent of scarring, location of scar and type of scar. Reasons and motives that push you to get cosmetic treatment for facial scars are also discussed including your expectations form surgery. For instancefac motives embedded in your mind can be cleared through a simple question;


Important Facts about Rhinoplasty

Many people who are interested in rhinoplasty or wish to change how their nose looks like lack a basic understanding of the procedure, it’s limitations, benefits, costs and eligibility criteria. The following facts serve to improve on the knowledge about the procedure that will be discussed later on.

  • Functions: Rhinoplasty can be performed for aesthetic reasons,
Ramadan Kareem

How to Avoid Gaining Weight this Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of fasting and reflecting; and it is also a time when most of us eat more than we usually do when we are not fasting. As much as we feel free to indulge in our favorite foods during Iftar, it is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is also important and this can include not gaining weight during this month of fasting.

New Breast Implants

Natural Alternatives to Breast Augmentation that Actually Work

The question of undergoing surgery is something that would not be right away answered positively for many. Some people are skeptical others would not be able to physically or monetarily afford surgery. One’s lifestyle is shaped by their habits and circumstance; each has a deep relationship with their mental and physical well-being. This relativity is a sensitive topic that even some patients can’t be aware of to describe to a doctor in light of their aesthetic needs.

Liposuction & handy cosmetic procedures

Is Liposuction Really Helpful?

Obesity is a serious issue facing a major population in the world. There are many reasons behind obesity. Eating too much is not the only reason behind obesity. Whatever the reason behind obesity is, as a matter of fact, it is not good for health.

There are many ways to do away with extra fats in our body.

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