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Be Aware of the Hair Replacement Cost!

Hair loss is very common these days but the condition becomes a severe problem when it leads to baldness. There are millions and millions of people including both men and women who are suffering from baldness. Those who suffer from this condition try lots of treatments including home remedies, topical […]

Make Yourself Beautiful on this Valentine

Valentine ’s Day is the day on which love is celebrated all over the world. It reminds you of the beauty of love for those you cherish – friends, spouses and children. Usually, we celebrate the day by sending cards, exchanging gifts and buying flowers for one another to show […]

How your Skin can Benefit from Yogurt

This creamy super food has a number of benefits not only for your stomach and weight loss efforts, but for the natural health of your skin. This belief dates back to the ancient days when yogurt was used in the Indian sub-continent to get rid of pimples, and by Cleopatra […]

Factors to Consider Before Hair Transplant Surgery

One of these hair restoration procedures is Stem Cell FUE hair transplant, which is guaranteed to restore your scalp to its former glory. Although Stem Cell FUE hair transplant might be a very less invasive procedure, as a patient, you still have to take some time to think about it […]

Loving your breasts| How to take care of them

Although it is not Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is important to know how to take care of your breasts. Did you know that statistics show breast cancer to be the second leading cause of cancer death in females? And if you have a close relative e.g. mother or grandmother […]

The Dangers of DIY Cosmetic Surgery

Do-It-Yourself or back-alley cosmetic procedures, which seem to be on the rise in some parts of the world, can lead to some serious injuries, side effects, permanent disability and even loss of life in some cases. Earlier last year there was an interesting but sad story about an American woman […]

What Is Breast Augmentation and Is a Breast Enlargement Right For Me?

Breasts are an important part of women’s body and fuller and firmer breasts not only improve the appearance of your body but are also the sign of feminity. Unfortunately, every woman does not have ideal and perfect size and shape of breasts. Some of the women have naturally small breasts […]