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Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to present BRAVA; the first ever clinically approved non-surgical alternative for breast enlargement, which is supported by hundreds of reputable physicians across the world. No more pills, creams, incisions or injections; read on to find out more about this remarkable system for women wishing to have larger breasts.

The BRAVA System is located in Florida and New York, USA, and provides customer/physician support for direct shipment of products. BRAVA is also globally available via select vendors.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment

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Time Required

2-4 Hours



General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

Few Days

Success Rate

Success Rate

Very high Success Rate

The BRAVA System

Consisting of two semi-solid domes the BRAVA Sport and Starter System are only slightly varying. The domes are produced from specifically designed silicone gel connected intuitively to an advanced minicomputer named the SmartBox. By creating a semi-vacuum within the sealed domes covering the patient’s breasts; SmartBox can regulate the negative pressure for suiting each patient’s anatomy and expectations. The transparent silicone domes come with a support garment made of engineered mesh to hold them in place much like a sports bra. Different sizes are available for each person based on the prospective patient’s. Your physician or customer support expert will be able to guide you for the best fit.

B working on internal tissue gradually overtime BRAVA purports massive benefits and results of the BRAVA that surpasses traditional breast augmentation and reconstruction techniques. In the presence of gentle tension caused by the partial vacuum, the breast tissue regenerates tiny capillaries through the expanding mass. The fat volume only increases negligibly, since the BRAVA system doesn’t produce fat or effect body fat levels. Abundant blood supply and extended fibro-vascular matrix structure, however, creates the ideal environment required for fat grafting.

The expansion of the skin in tandem with the underlying tissues all the way to the chest wall (as shown in MRI scans) becomes a fertile scaffold for large volumes of fat to be transferred and more importantly; integrate. The technique applied in tissue expansion is not a new one since it has been around for than a century, but the technique and technology involved sure has made it immensely beneficial, convenient and devoid of health risks.

BRAVA Breast Augmentation TreatmentBRAVA Breast Enlargement

BRAVA Candidates

There are a number of parameters on which the success of this procedure is dependent. By simply using BRAVA, the patient may observe an increase in size, but BRAVA alone can only expand the tissue, which may be enough for some patients who already have a generous volume of tissue to work upon. But in others; fat transfer augmentation of the expanded breast tissue will bring about the real results.

For fat transfer augmentation the following criteria make the patient a good candidate:

  • The breasts should have ample definition especially the upper part, and vascularity within the tissue as achieved with BRAVA.
  • The patient’s retaining good elasticity in the skin and a healthy tone.
  • Should be physically and mentally healthy.
  • It’s best for patient’s to be realistic about their expectations.
  • Abstinence from smoking and alcohol for a period of 3-4 months prior to surgery.
  • Have ample fat deposits around the body. For a thin patient; the complications of liposuction are greater than curvier patients.
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Before BRAVA

Before the use of the BRAVA system, the patient’s breast tissue is at normal density. If fat transfer is to be carried out at this state, fat necrosis may occur, resulting in the fat cells that aren’t accommodated to die out. Moreover, only a subtle increase in size may be perceived. Repeated operations of liposuction and injection of fat into the breast tissue at periods of various months are needed to meet the patient’s expectations.

During BRAVA

During the period where the patient wears the BRAVA system, the existing tissue extends, the structure expands and regenerates continuously with blood vessels beginning to form and spread throughout the cellular structure. The entire breast expands gradually from within while the patient carries on with their daily routine and leisure activities without feeling any discomfort.


Keeping in touch with your surgeon will help you decide when it is okay to take off the device. From then onwards, your surgeon’s advice will suit you best. Your surgeon will understand your needs and other facts peculiar to you and give you the best advice while keeping your expectations in mind. Remember that BRAVA makes you an ideal candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation.

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Fat Augmentation Process

In the process of fat transfer breast augmentation, the patient’s breasts are marked out with entry points and cannula pass-lines. The procedure is wholly carried out in the presence of general anesthesia and sedation since it involves extracting fat through micro-liposuction from various areas of the body where fat is plenty such as thighs and abdomen. Tiny cuts are required to insert tubes under the skin into the fatty layer to extract or implant fat. Depending on the patient the whole procedure may take 2-4 hours to successfully isolate, refine and inject fat into specific areas around the breast. The cannula openings are lastly stitched shut and the patient is allowed to leave once the anesthesia effect has worn off.


You need to know the fact that possible complications may occur as a result of getting this surgical procedure. Have a look!

  • Breast development is usually limited to one cup size
  • Minimal to no breast lift
  • Random survival of the fat
  • The procedure has a need for a compliant, motivated the patient

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Recovery Time

Recovery from breast fat augmentation is minimal and since the process is carried out as an outpatient procedure patient can return to work and normal routine in a few days. Patients will be given mild medication for any tenderness/bruising and antibiotics to prevent infection. Inform your doctor of your progress to safely recover.

Treatment Benefits

The numerous benefits that patients can achieve from fat transfer breast augmentation with BRAVA, in brief, are outlined below.

  • No artificial implants; no danger of having a foreign object inside you.
  • Swift recovery and excellent rate of fat cell survival.
  • Negligible incisions made; minimally invasive.
  • An added benefit of having liposuction from other areas of the body resulting in better overall contours.
  •  No long term problems or retention such as those with saline implants.


The main point in this process is the persistence of fat. Some ratio of fat always expires but tissue development helps the persistence of greater ratios of fat.

When fat is inserted to your breasts then the fat is affected via blood supply which is taken through blood vessels which are trapped by the force of the freshly injected fat. By growing the tissue of the breast before the fat is inserted, with the movement of the soft tissue the fat can well survive.

Tissue development also makes area to put up the fat transplant then providing the chance of a more augmentation.

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