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Are you planning to undergo Breast Augmentation surgery? What was the first question that came into your mind when you thought of boob job? I can bet you it was the about the cost of breast augmentation, and that is very natural. We all are living with a limited budget and whenever thinking of an optional cosmetic procedure, the first thing that comes in our minds is its cost. So, don’t feel shy in admitting that you are conscious not only about underdeveloped breasts but also the expenses that you will have to bear in a bid to get your desired cup size.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, cost of breast enhancement varies significantly from person to person and from one surgeon to another. Same is the case with Breast Augmentation Dubai Prices. Every surgeon/clinic offers the surgery at a different rate. There are several factors that affect Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai.

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Breast Implant Type

Breast Augmentation cost primarily depends on the breast implant type you choose. Most commonly used breast implants include Saline Implants and Silicone Implants. The former is filled with saline solution while the latter contains silicone gel. Silicone implants give more natural looking results and are thus cost more than saline implants.

Surgeon Expertise

Experience and surgical skills of the surgeons you choose for the procedure also play a key role in determining your cost of procedure. A highly skilled, experienced surgeon with a good repute will obviously charge you more as compared to an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon who has just started performing breast augmentation surgeries.

Surgery Facility

Breast augmentation is a major surgery performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, it requires a state of the art facility/ surgery venue where the surgery could be performed. Some surgeons have their own private surgical suites while others hire services of an ambulatory surgical center or some hospital. The latter will charge you more as compared to ASC, while the former will cost you least.

Similar Procedures

Sometimes, breast augmentation alone is not enough to deliver desired results. For example, if your breasts have lost volume due to aging, chances are high that they will have some degree of droopiness as well. In this case, augmentation alone will not be enough for a youthful breast profile. Your surgeon may recommend you to combine it with breast lift. This will increase your procedure cost as well.

Other Expenses

Various other factors that play a vital role in determining cost of Breast Augmentation Prices include:

  • Anesthesia fees for the procedure
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery care
  • The complexity of a particular patient’s case
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How Much Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic also offers breast augmentation surgery at highly competitive rates. The average cost of Breast Augmentation alone is 27,000 AED, whereas combining breast implantation with Breast Lift can cost you approximately 30,000 AED. However, these are not the fixed prices and can vary depending upon your individual needs.

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