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Gynecomastia Cost In Dubai

Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by enlarged breasts in men, and it can occur at any age. There are numerous causes of over-developed breasts which vary from hormonal changes and heredity to obesity. However, the effects are the same for all causes. It causes emotional distress and low self-esteem. Sufferers usually avoid certain physical activities and physical intimacy, just to hide their womanly physique.

If you are also battling with this confidence-sapping condition, just stop worrying! With Male Breast Reduction Surgery, you can effectively and safely get rid of excess glandular tissues and revive your lost confidence back. Majority of the people who want to undergo the surgery want to know about its cost. Therefore, we will discuss the cost of the treatment in detail to help the patients.

Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of gynecomastia surgery differs from patient to patient because it depends on some variable factors like;

  • Techniques used to perform surgery
  • The expertise of the surgeon 
  • The geographical location of the clinic 

Techniques Used for the Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi primarily depends upon the technique used for the removal of fat or excess tissues. Surgeons usually use any of the following three techniques to perform the surgery;

  • Liposuction technique
  • Excision technique
  • Combination of both

Cost for each technique is different and your surgeon will determine the exact cost only after the physical examination. Hence, your surgeon can tell which technique is best for you.

Surgeon’s Skills and Expertise

Experience and surgical skills of the person performing the surgery play a vital role in determining the male breast reduction surgery cost in Dubai. A highly skilled and board-certified surgeon with a name in cosmetic surgeries will obviously charge you more as compared to an inexperienced surgeon. However, never compromise on the quality in a bid to save a few bucks, as such kind of saving can get more expensive in the long run.

Geographical Location of the Service Provider

Gynecomastia surgery also varies significantly from one place to another. The cost of the procedure in the metropolitan city of some developed country will be obviously higher than the expenses that you may incur for the same procedure in a developing country. Dubai is becoming popular for medical tourism, due to its affordable rates for all types of cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

Other Factors Influencing the Cost

Besides the technique used and surgeon’s fee, there are various other factors as well which contribute towards the gynecomastia surgery cost Dubai. These factors include;

  • Anesthesia cost
  • Medical tests
  • Hospital or surgical facility charges
  • Post-surgery pressure garments
  • Prescriptions for medication

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in UAE

The estimated Gynecomastia surgery cost in Dubai is approximately 20,000 AED, but this can vary significantly depending upon the extent of breast enlargement and the underlying cause. If it is just fat, it may be easier for the surgeon to remove it with liposuction, but removing excess glandular tissues will require a full-fledged open surgery.

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