What are the Treatments for Dark Inner Thighs & Underarms?

underarm whitening treatment

In the heat of summer, people wear sleeveless dresses to keep themselves fresh all day and women wear a bikini on beaches to bask in the sunlight. What if you are too ashamed to do so due to your dark underarms and inner thighs? It can greatly demean a person’s self-confidence and could create problems for the people who want to feel confident in showing their bodies. Cosmetic treatments help a lot in whitening the darkened underarms and inner thighs. These treatments help tremendously in restoring the inner thighs and underarms back to their natural color.

We will discuss some of the main treatments here.

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Treatment Options

There are different techniques used for the whitening of underarms and inner thighs. All these procedures are different but their goal is the same. However, the number of sessions required as well as the time required for the completion of the procedure differs in each treatment.

Chemical Peels

The chemical peel is a procedure in which chemicals are used to rejuvenate the skin. In this procedure, acids are applied to the target area of the skin in order to create a controlled wound. The acid applied blisters the skin which is then peeled off and fresh skin is formed due to the production of collagen. The new skin formed is more smooth and fairer than the old skin.

There are three different variants of this procedure and each variant has its own strength. The stronger peels use stronger acids and penetrate deeper into the skin. The lasting time of a peel depends upon its strength. If the chemical peel is applied to inner thighs and underarms, it can remove the dead skin and makes the inner thighs and underarms whiter.

Laser Skin Whitening

Laser skin whitening is an effective technique which not only makes the skin white but removes the hair as well. In this procedure, the intense laser is focused on the area of the body being treated. The laser light used makes a controlled wound which initiates the production of collagen in that part of the body. With the increasing rate of collagen production, the new skin is formed and this newly made skin is smoother and fairer than the old skin.

By using this technique on the underarms and inner thighs, the dark skin in that location could be removed making it fairer and hairless.


Dermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation technique that is very effective for getting clearer and fairer skin. In this procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to the targeted area. After that, an instrument with rotating blades is used to exfoliate and initiate the production of collagen in the topmost layer of skin making way for new skin to be formed. The technique is painful but the newly formed skin is more firm and fair when compared with the old skin.

This procedure is effective and the downtime is more than any other procedure. Usually, only one session is enough to get the desired results from the procedure.


This procedure also exfoliates the top layer of skin with different techniques and instruments. Compared to Dermabrasion, this procedure is gentler and more effective. In this technique, a topical anesthetic is applied to the skin to minimize the discomfort. After that, a special handheld device is used to spry underarms and inner thighs with crystals. This crystal penetrates the skin deeper and is exfoliated with a suction cup along with the affected skin.

Due to the removal of old skin, a wound is created which increases the production of collagen. This procedure has no downtime. There is less pain involved in the procedure. The negative effects of this procedure are temporary. It works great for underarm and inner thigh whitening.

All of these treatments can greatly affect the skin of a person and can help in whitening the underarms and inner thighs of a person. However, only a skin specialist can suggest which treatment is suitable for your skin. For this purpose, consult with our laser and skin specialists at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. They will examine your skin and will suggest the best possible skin whitening treatment. You can get a free consultation by filling the form given below. Book your appointment now!