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Is Laser Skin Whitening Permanent?

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Laser Skin Whitening treatment

Laser skin whitening is also known as laser peel. It is a technique in which a concentrated beam of light (laser) is used to remove the damaged or unwanted skin from the body. The procedure is used for obtaining a lasting white skin. In this procedure, the upper layer of skin is removed due to this removal new cells are able to grow giving the person more farrier skin.

Laser Skin Whitening

Laser skin whitening is usually permanent if the person who receives the treatment care for it well enough. There are three types of lasers used in laser skin whiting and surgeon with the patient’s consent will decide which one should be chosen for their treatment.

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Non-ablative laser

This type of laser only affect the outer layer of skin but keeps the skin damage minimum one can say that it doesn’t damage the skin. The downtime of this procedure is also minimum. However, more sessions are required for a fairer skin.

Ablative laser

An ablative laser is the most intense laser and destroys the outer layers of skin which make way for new skin to emerge and it penetrates deeper into the skin. Due to the aggressiveness of this laser, there is a chance of scarring but fewer sessions are required for the desired results.

Fractional laser

Fraction laser uses both ablative and non-ablative laser. The results of this technique are more effective than non-ablative laser but less effective than ablative laser. It has less risk and recovery time is faster than ablative laser. This type of laser only targets the upper layer of skin.

Is laser skin whiting permanent?

Laser skin whiting is permanent and most dermatologist would agree on this fact but there are a couple of things that need to be kept in mind to make the procedure last for a long time. The procedure doesn’t mean that a person who underwent the treatment should stop caring for their skin if the person does so then their old skin might return because it was their natural skin tone.

After the treatment patients are advised to stay away from the sunlight and should not stay for a longer duration under the sun. The sunlight will darken the patient’s skin pigments because the laser white treatment doesn’t make the patient’s skin sunlight proof.

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The patient should follow any advice given to them by their dermatologist and must keep the advice in mind 24/7. Following the advice of their doctor can greatly help in keeping your skin white for a longer time.


The laser skin whitening is considered permanent in almost every case but the aftercare of treatment is very necessary for a permanent or lasting result.

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