Dr. Mihaela J. Svorcina


Dr. Mihaela J. Svorcina

GP-Aesthetic Medicine

Born and raised in Croatia, Dr. Mihaela J. Svorcina is a DHA-Licenced General and Aesthetic Practitioner, Croatian Medical Chamber licensed Aesthetic Practitioner, Canadian Board Aesthetic Practitioner, and NCLC (USA) Accredited Aesthetic Laser Operator.

Having holistic and functional medicine approach she always looks for the root cause of the patient’s problems as well as what is preventing them from going back to where they were before symptoms started.

Professional Experience

Having vast professional experience as a General Practioner in Wellness and Aesthetics, Dr. Mihaela has been bringing individuals treatment plans for both clinic and homecare She is adept at antiaging medicine lifestyle interventions, medication, and supplements prescription. Since 2016, when she moved to Dubai, she worked with various renowned clinics gaining valuable experience making sure her patients are well informed so they can confidently make a final decision on their treatments.

If you would like to know more about any procedure Dr. Mihaela is one of the rare doctors in Dubai that is willing and able to explain procedures well enough so that you can understand them and bring a final decision based on your gained knowledge.

She also makes sure her Patients are followed up even in the cases of Referrals to other Doctors or institutions and is always making sure her patients end up with specialists she trusts.


Dr. Mihaela has specific skills and expertise in the following Functional Medicines and Aesthetic procedures

Functional and Wellness Medicine:

  • Problems (Gut Restore program)
  • Immune Dysfunction and inflammation
  • Toxic Body Burden
  • Hormonal imbalance Management (Nutrition, Biosimilar hormones, thyroid reset program)
  • Nutrition support and dess
  • Lifestyle management
  • IV treatments
  • Toxic Burden management-Detox

Aesthetic Medicine

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