Dr. Sofia

Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou

General Dentist, Implantologist, Dental Lasers Specialist

Among our dental specialists, Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou obtained her degree in Dental Surgery from the Charles University of Prague as of 2002 and ever since she has dedicated much for contemporary dentistry through her commitment. By adopting modern and increasingly convenient dental resources and technologies Dr. Sofia offers her patients with remarkable treatments in light of her expertise. Her impressive results stand proof of her obliging approach and ability to divulge and discuss with her patient in order to achieve the best results.

Dr. Sofia specializes in laser dentistry and apart from utilizing laser technology almost on a daily basis, she qualified her Master of Science in 2010 from the regionally and globally reputed RWTH University of Aachen. She stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the few dentists in Dubai who have expert practices in dental laser treatments. At the clinic, Dr. Sofia partakes an interest in Low-Level Laser Therapy which in layman terms is the field aimed at improving her patient’s smiles to create harmony with their facial features. Dr. Sofia advises on the least invasive treatments available for each customer with treatments for gum disease and bone defect reconstruction. Low-level lasers fascinate her with their remarkable healing powers!

Dr. Sofia has a slew of qualifications and accomplishments to her name apart from her degrees in dental surgery. Amongst her certifications is the Combined Multilevel Training Certification in Dental Implants. Alongside her growing passion for dentistry, Dr. Sofia has also collaborated with leading names in the field such as maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Kyriakos Ioannis. By the Year 2006, Dr. Sofia was well into her career of periodontal surgery and had performed implant operations to numerous patients at her practice in Athens. As part of her Implantology program, Dr. Sofia also attended the German DGI (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Implantologie) in 2013.

Awards and Qualifications:

  • Member of the World Federation of Lasers in Dentistry and International Society of Laser Dentistry
  • Also a regional member of the Greek Society of Laser Dentistry
  • Registered dentist at the British as well as Greek Dental Council and the Dubai DHA
  • 2009- speaker on Laser Applications in Oral Surgery in Fotona, Greece.
  • 2011- received a certification in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal fillers in the UK
  • 2016- invited to speak about Low-Level Laser Therapy at the Hamdan University and Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai
  • 2016- obtained a Fellowship with the renowned International Congress of Oral Implantology, ICOI.