What are the Benefits of Intravenous Vitamin Therapy?

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Benefits

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy has become quite popular nowadays. It involves administering minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream allowing 100% absorption. It is the fastest way to give the body the needed nutrition by bypassing the digestive process. Hospitals have been using IV therapies for decades treating dehydrated people and those who are too sick to eat. The vitamin therapies are customized for each individual according to their specific needs.

Here, we will explore the benefits of Intravenous vitamin therapy.

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The Ideal candidate for IV vitamin therapy

Anybody can benefit from IV vitamin therapy. Apart from replenishing vitamins and minerals in the body, it also treats dehydration, headaches, flu, colds, morning sickness, seasonal allergies, hangovers, and fatigue. Moreover, it can treats chronic ailments too.

Benefits of IV vitamin therapy

  • The results are immediate. While it takes a number of hours for the food that you eat to digest completely and get absorbed in the body, with IV therapy the effects are almost immediate. You will be more energized and with an improved mood.
  • Less pill reliance. Once you start doing customized IV therapy, your reliance on pills will go down. There won’t be any need of taking those nutritional supplements several times a day.
  • Energy Booster. It is an immediate energy booster especially for people who suffer from chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, or respiratory illness. It also boosts the immune system.
  • Guaranteed vitamin absorption. Some medical ailments block the body from absorbing the required nutrients from food. With IV therapy, it is a guarantee that the vitamins are completely absorbed into the bloodstream and are utilized by the body immediately.
  • Customized treatments. The IV therapies are customized according to the needs of your body.
  • Immediate rehydration. Hydration is optimal for the body as it supports vital organ functions. IV therapy is the best form of rehydration known because it rehydrates the body immediately. This prevents ailments such as constipation, kidney stones, and muscle damage.
  • Preventive therapy. Although this is still being researched results show that IV therapy helps in building immunity. Chronic conditions such as migraines and respiratory illness are being prevented from advancing any further by IV therapy.
  • Fast treatment. Most of the IV vitamin therapies are done in under one hour. Hence, you won’t be pressed for time and you will be relaxed in a comfortable environment.

Other benefits include;

  • Improved quality of the skin
  • Reduced stress symptoms
  • Improved depression symptoms
  • Great for athletes because of its short recovery time


IV vitamin therapy should be administered by a certified practitioner. Getting the therapy with an empty stomach causes nausea. So make sure you eat something before getting the treatment. The administration of magnesium rapidly can lead to low blood pressure (hypotension). In case, it happens, the therapy is stopped till the symptoms resolve. After that, IV therapy is administered more slowly. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is also offering IV therapy to its patients in the UAE. You can consult with our doctors by scheduling a free consultation session.