Difference Between Freckles And Blemishes, Possible Treatments

freckles treatment

Having any kind of skin problems such as pigmentation, freckles, blemishes, and sunspots is very common nowadays. People are worried because of them and are looking for the best treatments to solve the issue. However, before moving towards any treatment, it is necessary to diagnose the problem accurately. Two common skin problems are blemishes and freckles. It is quite difficult to differentiate between both of them. So, the purpose of writing this article is to provide you the information through which you can identify your problem before moving towards the freckles and blemishes treatment procedures.


First of all, you need to know that heredity is the main cause of freckles. It means the disturbance in skin protection due to sun exposure is not the sole reason. Your father and mother would have gone through the same skin issue at some point in their life. In fact, an expert doctor says that freckles create the barrier on your skin against the sun. Also, it is not essential that babies are born with the freckles, but they have it in their genes and the direct sunlight helps them to appear on the skin. If you have pale skin, the chance of getting visible freckles increases for you.


The main difference is that the blemishes are usually larger than the freckles and they may appear in about mid-thirties or after that. This is the reason that they are also known as age spots. These cells clump together.

Treatment Options

When it comes to treatment, a number of treatment options are available. However, you should try to prevent freckles and blemishes to appear on your skin as much as you can because prevention is always better than cure. Also, here it is important to know that the freckles may fade with the passage of time but blemishes are stubborn and they don’t fade. The following are some effective options for freckles and blemishes treatment.

  • Oral Medicines – Some oral medicines are effective to treat the problem. Normally, these types of medicines are prescribed when you have freckles because of hormonal changes.
  • Laser Therapy – This type of procedure is minimally invasive and safe to improve your skin condition when you are suffering from freckles. A laser beam is used to break the melanin in the skin that helps in improving the blemishes and freckles and lightens the skin tone. Multiple sessions are required to get the best results.
  • Topical Medicines – Some of the doctors may recommend topical medicines if the skin condition is not too severe. These medicines help to lighten the skin.
  • Chemical Peels – Last but not least, chemical peels are one of the most effective treatment options for curing freckles & blemishes. It works by removing the upper damaged layer of the skin. In this way, the issue resolves gradually. Also, it makes your skin rejuvenated, smooth, glowing, and soft.

Even though we have mentioned some possible treatment options above but you cant choose a treatment without consulting with a skin expert. You need to go for a consultation and proper examination to get the exact diagnosis of your problem and recommendation of treatment options that will be suitable for you. We are always here to serve you with expert services. You can get a free consultation from our skin experts by just filling in the form below and our staff member will book your appointment as soon as possible.