5 Useful Tips To Select A Real Or Mini Facelift


If you are in your 30s or 40s, then you may not recognize yourself when looking in the mirror. Aging affects your face, makes your skin saggy and complexion dull. What to do then? It is time for remodeling. Thanks to technology and advancements in medical science, now you can reverse the clock of aging for yourself. One such procedure that can make you look young again is known as a mini facelift.

5 Useful Tips To Select A Real Or Mini Facelift

The real or mini facelift is a procedure that helps you to get your contoured appearance back. Here we will discuss 5 useful tips that will assist you in the selection of the procedure.

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  1. Select Right Surgeon

    The first and foremost thing is to be very careful about the selection of your surgeon. He should be board-certified, adhere to the latest techniques, know accurate use of the latest tools, and other important aspects. You should trust him and follow the instructions provided by him. Always choose a reputable surgeon for your surgery.

  2. Know What You Actually Need

    Another important thing is to be aware of your needs and requirements. We suggest you make a list and add all of your goals to it. Take this list with you while visiting your surgeon so that you won’t miss any points. Discuss it with your doctor in detail. Don’t assume that your doctor will know what you want, rather tell him what exactly you want to achieve.

  3. Know Your Responsibilities

    You cannot neglect your everyday responsibilities while going for a procedure. So, you should discuss the recovery period with your doctor and plan your actions accordingly. A mini facelift can help you get a quick fix, but still, you have to take a rest for a few days for proper recovery. Also, have a balanced diet, exercise, use sunblock for your skin protection, and maintain your body weight to get optimal results. It is recommended to maintain your body shape and weight before the procedure. If you are a smoker, then quit smoking to heal quickly.

  4. Manage Support System

    The support system is really necessary and helpful for you during any ups and downs. Getting a procedure is one of the important decisions in your life. So, you should let your friends or family know about it so that they can help you emotionally. Also, they may help you in managing your house chores during any recovery period.

  5. Expect Realistic Results

    Last but not the least, expecting realistic results is necessary. You will be happy and satisfied with the results, only when you have expected the accurate thing. This procedure tightens your skin, rejuvenates it, and makes you look younger and more beautiful than ever.

Hopefully, these tips would be helpful for you in making a decision about getting a real or mini facelift. Still, if you want to know more about the procedure, visit our clinic today. You can discuss anything with our expert surgeons & practitioners at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and they will guide you in the best possible way. Fill out the form given below and get a free consultation.