Cost or Price of Neck Lift

It is observed that most of the people experience saggy neck as the earlier sign of aging. Hence, aging isn’t the sole reason of getting a double chin, but lots of other reasons may cause this problem. These reasons may include heredity, instant weight loss or weight gain, etc. It may affect your overall look. Fortunately, we have got the procedure of neck lift that helps in minimizing excess fat on the neck. The procedure of neck lift in Dubai allows to lift & tighten the neck in order to provide a firmer and youthful look to your neck.

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Are You A Good Candidate?

You are a good candidate for the procedure if;

You want to get rid of excess or saggy skin and fat around your neck.
You want to eliminate folds and lines around your neck.
You want a smooth appearance of your neck with a more defined jawline that reveals the difference between your face and neck.
If you have good mental and physical health.

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What Does A Neck Lift Cost?

Neck lift cost in Dubai depends on different factors that include the technique of procedure and whether you require some additional procedures or not. There are some cases where a combination of procedures is required. Some other factors that affect the cost include surgeon’s fee, geographic location, overall services, etc. You need to be careful while selecting a surgeon for your treatment. You require selecting a board certified plastic surgeon to get the procedure so that you will acquire best results. We have expert surgeons, who are board certified. This is the reason that we ensure quality. So, if the quality is your priority then Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is the best stop for you to get a neck life or any other aesthetic procedure.

Factors To Consider

Have a look at some factors that affect overall cost.

Surgeon’s Fee

You need to select a surgeon, who has enough expertise to deal with every kind of situation. It is one of the major aspects that play their role in calculating the cost. When a surgeon is capable of performing all kinds of procedures in an expert way then his cost will be high as compared to other surgeons. Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, all of our surgeons are experts in performing all kinds of procedures successfully. Hence, we are charging reasonable costs so that you can get benefit from the best services in the town.

Surgical Tools

It is important for you to ask your surgeon regarding surgical tools. These tools should be advanced and properly sterilized. We use disposable tools and the tools that are not accessible in the disposable form then we sterilize them before using them.

Surgery-Related Expenses

This is another major contributing factor to decide neck lift cost in Dubai. We include all services ranges from the 1st session to the last follow-up in one package. As a whole, these services include anesthesia fees, surgical facilities, prescribed medicines, and follow-ups. You have to pay for 1 time only and enjoy our quality services until the last follow-up.

Procedure Complexity

Another major concern that needs to be in consideration is the complexity of the procedure. If you just need a neck lift then its cost will be average, but if there is the requirement to add some additional procedures with it then the cost will be more.

Neck lift Cost at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is offering you a neck lift procedure at a very reasonable cost. The average Neck lift price in Dubai & Abu Dhabi starts from AED 11000 or $3000. While deciding the cost, it depends if you need the treatment on the frontal area, back, or both.

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