Neck Lift Cost

The average starting price of a Neck lift surgery in Dubai is AED 25000. Other factors that also affect the cost include:

Factors Affecting Cost

Have a look at some factors that affect the overall cost.

Surgeon’s Fee

It’s important to choose an expert and certified surgeon capable of handling various surgical scenarios. The surgeon’s fee is one of the major aspects that play a role in calculating the cost. An expert surgeon will charge more than an inexperienced surgeon. Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, all of our surgeons are skilled and board-certified.

Surgical Tools

Surgical tools used in the procedure contribute to the cost. It’s important to discuss this with your surgeon. These tools should be advanced and properly sterilized.

Surgery-Related Expenses

This is another major contributing factor that decides the neck lift cost in Dubai. Surgery-related expenses are also a part of the cost. We include all services in the total cost ranging from the first session to the last follow-up. So, you have to pay one time only. As a whole, these services include anesthesia fees, surgical facilities, prescribed medicines, and follow-ups.

Procedure Complexity

The cost may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. More complex surgeries, requiring additional techniques or time, will likely be more expensive. If you just need a neck lift then its cost will be average, but if there is a requirement to add some additional procedures as well then the cost will be more.

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