How to Remove Eyebrow Tattoo?

eyebrow tattoo removal

Body tattoos are one of the most common trends nowadays. People get tattoos carved on their body parts including eyebrows for different reasons. But there comes a time when these tattoos no longer seem to be attractive for people. Bad design, changes in the environment or breakups can be one of the several reasons to get rid of tattoos on eyebrows or anywhere else on the body. 

If you have an eyebrow tattoo and you also want to remove it then this article is for you. Here, we will tell you how to remove tattoo on your eyebrows with the help of both natural remedies and clinical treatment. Therefore, no need to worry because your eyebrow tattoo will fade away.

Natural Remedy for Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Many people prefer natural products and remedies because they cannot bear the expense of commercial treatments or the pain associated with it. Therefore, you can use aloe vera as an effective natural remedy for eyebrow tattoo removal. Aloe Vera has a therapeutic value and is beneficial for various skin conditions. 

By using pure aloe Vera with Paederia Tomentosa and Vitamin E, you can remove the tattoo on your eyebrows. You need to rub this mixture gently on your eyebrows every day until the tattoo fades away. Apart from aloe vera, you can also use honey and lemon juice with salt for natural eyebrow tattoo removal. 

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Treatment

As the aesthetic industry is advancing day by day, treatments have been introduced for tattoo removal as well. Eyebrow tattoo removal Dubai is getting popular among masses because of its efficacy in permanent tattoo removal. It is a cosmetic procedure that depends on the ink of the tattoo. Usually, older inks are tough to get rid of as compared to fresh ink. You need to get a sequence of treatment sessions to remove the tattoo completely. 

Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

It is a non-surgical laser tattoo removal procedure that diminishes the tattoo’s appearance by using laser beams. A special device directs a laser beam onto the targeted area which heats the eyebrow tattoo pigments and they break down into small ink particles. Protective goggles are given to the patients to protect their eyes from the laser. The broken ink particles are then removed from the body through the lymphatic system. 

The whole procedure is minimally invasive and does not harm the skin. Due to its quick results, people are now undergoing laser treatment for eyebrow tattoo in Dubai. Another advantage of this procedure is the minimal downtime and short recovery period. Also, it is less painful compared to other tattoo removal procedures. 

How many sessions are required?

You will have to undergo almost 1-5 sessions of the procedure to remove the eyebrow tattoo completely. The number of required sessions depends on the type of ink used and your skin condition.

The Final Verdict

Using natural remedies for eyebrow tattoo removal is a good idea but it takes a long time to produce results. You can opt for laser treatment to remove the tattoo quickly and permanently. Consult with an expert before taking any decision. Choose a qualified and experienced laser therapist for the treatment. You can get help from the laser specialists at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We offer the tattoo removal procedure under the supervision of licensed professionals. You can get a free consultation to discuss your concerns regarding the eyebrow tattoo removal. Fill in the form below and get your appointment booked.