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Overseas Patient Advantages

The ever-increasing number of medical tourists is itself a fair indication of the success of the practice which shows that patients feel better off being served in foreign countries. The question is, what is it that attracts many patients to foreign healthcare destinations in the first place? Perhaps a still more important question is, what is it that finally wins their hearts so that when they are back, they are not only recovered patients but also qualified advocates of medical tourism?

Let us answer these questions from our own first-hand experience with overseas patients. When asked what made them decide to have themselves treated in a country other than their own, our patients responded differently. If we were to list their responses, the result would look something like this:

Note: This is an unordered list of the perceived advantages of our past patients (names and references have been omitted for privacy reasons)

Significant Cost Savings

“Your prices are only a fraction of those in our country.”
“Well, I could see that your offer was more-for-less proposition, literally.”
“I have always preferred going for 2-in-1 to simple exchanges.”

Quality Service

“I….. didn’t find your services falling short of the level of quality they provide in our country, really.”
“I thought why I should pay more when I could get similar or better service just a flight away.”
“I wanted high standards even if it cost me more; well, I realize now that cheap doesn’t always mean low-standard”
“Frankly, I already believed that quality, standard or whatever you may call it was not the exclusive legacy of affluent societies, like ours; it is another thing, however, to go and experience this first-hand; amazing indeed!”
“In a world where everyone is kinda looting every other in the name of quality service, your clinic is actually delivering it. What’s more, it is first-class by any standard.”

Customization / Flexible Packages

“I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you!’ for your efforts making your overseas patient plan work for me. If I am not the only one saying this, I wonder how this works for you!”
“Got exactly what I was looking for, and luckily, on my own terms.”
“…You bet, these guys can read your mind and buy you in, and you don’t even mind it because their offer quite fits your needs and expectations…” (C2C conversation)

Personal Attention and Care

“… appreciate your personal attention and caring attitude.”
“I tend to remember you guys more as good friends than clinicians.”
“During those few days, I saw a true expression of humaneness by far.”

Leisure, Pleasure, and Beauty

“I love pleasure traveling with something new and exciting each time. This time I decided to differentiate it by adding the beauty part. Nothing very special … just for a change”
“Middle East always attracted me. And lately, when I experienced a sudden and simultaneous onset of excessive hair loss as well as facial wrinkling, I immediately started thinking to correct these with hair transplantation and facial rejuvenation procedures. But the idea of medical tour never came into my mind until I learned about your 2-in-1 package which was affordable as well as an appealing offer from someone sitting in the UAE – my aspired destination.”

Privacy & Confidentiality

“I think medical tourism is an ideal way for privacy-conscious persons like me to get a cosmetic or restorative surgery done without others knowing about it, I am happy I found people I can trust.”

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