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It is a widely known fact that Dubai has become a top-ranked medical tourism destination in the world. Every year, a huge number of tourists visit Dubai to get medical treatments. The biggest reason behind this achievement is the readiness and world-class standards of UAE’s health sector. The quality of healthcare facilities available in Dubai meets all the international standards. In addition to this, the way Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic has restored
medical tourism in Dubai significantly. 


Role of Dubai Health Authority 


DHA has played a vital role in promoting Dubai medical tourism. Its advanced policies, strict regulation, and practical steps have contributed to the rise in the influx of medical tourists. The UAE government has launched medical tourism portals that allow international visitors to book a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures and gain access to healthcare providers. In addition to this, state-of-the-art medical complexes have been built such as Dubai Healthcare City and Sharjah Healthcare City.


Dubai Health Experience 


Dubai Health Authority has launched the Dubai Health Experience website to promote medical tourism in UAE. This website is the world’s first all-inclusive medical tourism portal that offers all kinds of health, travel, accommodation, and visa services. With the help of this portal, international tourists can book medical treatments at different hospitals and clinics in Dubai. 


Medical Services in Focus


Dubai Health Experience covers a variety of medical and cosmetic services which include;

  1. Cosmetic and elective Surgeries 
  2. Orthopedic surgeries 
  3. Dentistry 
  4. Dermatology 
  5. Health and wellness check-ups 
  6. Fertility procedures 
  7. Oncology


Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic x Dubai Health Experience


Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is a proud partner of Dubai Health Experience. We have been providing high-quality services and advantages to overseas patients with the vision of boosting medical tourism in Dubai


Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is the leading cosmetic surgery facility in Dubai offering unparalleled services to its patients with a great focus on their comfort and safety. Our wide range of services includes hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and laser skin care treatments. The modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities have helped us earn the stature of one of the best aesthetic clinics in the UAE. Our international and board-certified surgeons work closely with patients to transform their aesthetic appeal. We have a large number of overseas patients who are satisfied with the quality of services being provided at the clinic. 


Therefore, if you are planning to visit UAE for cosmetic procedures, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is an ideal option for you. Our well-trained international patient coordinators will guide you and attend to your needs professionally. So, what are you waiting for? Be our guests to have the best medical experience of your life.



Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, the pioneer of the cosmetic sector extends its services with DXH to overseas patients to give a big boost to medical tourism in the country.

Medical Tourism

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