Elham Shariat


Elham Shariat

Beauty Therapist

Elham Shairat

Hailing from Iran, Elham Shairat has become one of the most sought-after DHA-Licenced beauticians in the Gulf countries, due to her well-established profession and extensive first-hand experience in carrying out beauticians practices over the years. Rightly saying Elham has reached the point of culmination just because of her splendid hand-eye coordination, which she is blessed with.

With over 17 years of working experience as a beauty therapist, Elham Shariat has worked in different top-notch aesthetic clinics in Iran and Dubai. Moreover, she can fluently speak Persian as well as English.

Educational Background

Elham Shairat completed her graduation from the University of Fani Herfeyi, Tehran. To cope with the modern requirements, she went on to acquire Biotouch certification in PMU in 2014. After that, from the Tehran Institute of Technology, she acquired a certification in Esthetic Skin Care in 2018. Recently, in 2022, she grabbed a Master’s Course from Leaders SMP Academy. 

Work Experience 

As mentioned above, Elham Shairat has 17 years long experience of working as a beauty expert, SMP specialist, PMU artist, skin care, and laser therapist. Here is a brief insight into her working experience;

  •  Owner and Permanent Makeup (PMU) Artist at Elham Beauty salon (Iran -Kish 2004 – 2011)         
  •  PMU Artist and Beauty Therapist as a freelancer in UAE – Iran (2012-2016) 
  •  Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Specialist and PMU Artist at Vivandi Trichology Center (UAE – Dubai 2016 – 2020)  
  •  Skin Care and Laser Therapist at Yase Sefid (Tehran – Iran 2017- 2019)
  •  SMP Specialist and PMU Artist at Cocoona Aesthetic Clinic (UAE 2019 – present)
  •  SMP Specialist and PMU Artist at Roya Medical Center (UAE 2020 – present)

Professional Expertise 

 Elham Shariat has a comprehensive command over the following aesthetic procedures;

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