Are you Suffering From Dry Skin?

Suffering From Dry Skin

Are you suffering from dry skin? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to worry because most of the people get dry and scaly skin in winters that can be avoided or effectively treated using some methods. Winter season often affects the skin most and makes it dry and scaly. It’s not the cold biting weather only but our skincare regimen is also a culprit that makes the skin dry in winters. However, there are certainly other reasons also that cause dry skin for which you need to get proper skincare treatment. Here, we will discuss the symptoms, reasons, and ways to prevent or treat dry skin.

What is dry skin?

Having dry skin is not a disease. It is a common problem that makes the skin itchy, scaly, and red. The condition becomes worse in winters or autumn because of the cold weather and improper skincare routine that does not provide the level of care your skin needs. Mostly, the skin of the face, hands, and legs get affected in the winter season and as you age, dryness becomes more likely.

Symptoms of dry skin

Some people have a bit of dry skin naturally but you need to take proper measures if you see certain symptoms. If you are suffering from below given symptoms then you need to go for the treatment.

  • Scaly, rough or flaking skin
  • Itching on the skin
  • Ash or gray skin in people who have a dark skin tone
  • Cracks in the skin that may bleed in severe cases
  • Cracked or chapped lips
  • Feeling tightness on the skin
  • Redness

Reasons your skin is dry

There are many reasons behind itchy, dry, and scaly skin, and some of the common reasons are given below.

  • Dry winter weather is the most common culprit that causes dry skin.
  • Over-washing your skin can also cause dryness. Hot baths and showers can also cause dryness on the skin, so spend less time underwater.
  • Aging also affects the texture of the skin and causes dryness, so, apply moisturizers regularly.
  • If you are using certain medications for the treatment of zits, it may also be the reason behind the dryness of your skin.
  • Certain skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema may also cause skin dryness.

How to prevent dryness?

You can prevent dryness by following the given tips;

  • Don’t use very hot water for a shower.
  • Avoid over-washing and over-use of soap.
  • Apply moisturizer to keep it hydrated
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sun and sun-bathing.

How to treat dryness?

The first and foremost thing that can be done for the treatment of dry skin is using moisturizers and oily creams. If you think your condition is severe then you should consult an experienced dermatologist for appropriate treatment. If inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis are the culprits for dry skin, then the dermatologist will treat the condition with topical medications or steroid creams.

In short, dry skin is a common condition and there are many ways of preventing or treating dryness of the skin. If you are more inclined towards professional medical assistance to treat your dry skin then visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic today. We offer a free consultation for all types of  Skin Care Treatments. You can book an appointment with our skincare experts by filling the form given below.