Carbon Face Peel – Benefits and Side Effects

Carbon Face Peel

Everyone likes to have a fresh and glowing face. However, it’s a tough job with all the pollutants damaging the skin. These pollutants team up with natural oils in the skin and clog pores in no time. Regular cleansing and exfoliation can help counter this problem to a certain degree. However, due to busy schedules, it is often hard to maintain the skincare regime in the longer run.

Carbon peels are an excellent solution for keeping the skin fresh and glowing without having to invest an awful lot of time. It’s completely safe and the results stay for a considerable period after the procedure. Let’s have a closer look at the carbon peels to understand how they work.

How is the Procedure Performed?

A very thin layer of liquid carbon solution is applied to the skin and left in place for about 10 to 20 minutes. As it dries, it connects itself with the oil, dirt, and dead skin along with other impurities in the skin. A laser is then used to specifically target the carbon layer applied. The heat produced as a result evaporates the carbon and the impurities with it. This instantly cleanses the skin and makes it very soft.

At the same time, the process boosts the production of collagen and elastin, two structural proteins that are essential for the good health of the skin. Once the production levels of these two proteins improve, the skin continues to get better after the carbon peels session.

Benefits of Carbon Face Peels

Carbon Face Peel


  • Cleansing

Carbon has the capability to absorb pollutants and oil from the depth of your pores. The procedure helps in cleansing by removing the dust and bacteria from the skin.

  • Exfoliation

The treatment also exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin and unclogging pores. With a clear surface, the skin really radiates.

  • Rejuvenation

The skin rejuvenates as the production of collagen and elastin are boosted after the carbon peels. This improves the overall health of the skin, and wrinkles and fine lines are significantly reduced. The skin continues to get firmer, plumper, glowing and tighter in the days to come.

  • Counters acne

As the unwanted oil clogging pores is removed, the acne breakouts are also controlled. Excessive oil and dirt stuck in the skin are the leading cause of breakouts and the skin can stay healthier without them.

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Side Effects

There are some mild side effects associated with carbon peels which includes temporary redness and swelling after the procedure. Avoiding the sun for a few days is a good idea as the skin is sensitive after the peels. In very rare cases, a mild infection may be developed.

The Bottom Line

Carbon peels are an excellent solution to gain a healthy and glowing skin as they remove dead skin and other impurities. It is an effective, quick, and safe treatment that is free from any serious side effects. In today’s busy life schedules, carbon peels are the perfect skincare solution.

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