What’s the difference between Russian lips and normal filler?

Russian lips Vs. normal filler

A new trend gaining popularity on social media is known as ‘Russian lips,’ characterized by thick and volumized lips reminiscent of those seen on traditional Russian nesting dolls. Women globally are increasingly interested in achieving heart-shaped ‘Russian lips,’ which feature more volume towards the center. To cater to this demand, a specific lip filler technique called the ‘Russian lip tenting technique’ has been developed.

This new lip augmentation technique is different from the traditional lip filler procedure. However, many people do not know the difference. For this purpose, we will explain the difference between Russian lips and normal fillers in detail. 

What are Russian Lips? 

Russian Lips is a term used to describe the lips of Russian stacking dolls. Previously, this particular style of lips was very popular in Russia but now it has spread to the rest of the world. A heart-shaped effect is achieved using fillers to accentuate the cupid’s bow. Although the effects of Russian lip fillers can appear doll-like, they aim for a natural-looking outcome. This effect is achieved through a method known as the Russian Lip Augmentation Technique.

How does Russian Lip Filler Work?

To ensure natural and successful outcomes, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced dermatologist. In this procedure, the dermatologist administers the filler vertically into the lips. The procedure begins at the base of the lip, with the filler being distributed towards the lip border. Filler is also injected into the central area of the lips to enhance the heart-shaped appearance. Russian lip fillers aim to both widen and lift the shape of the lips, with a primary focus on elevation over increased plumpness.

Russian Lip Technique vs Normal Fillers 

The primary distinction between these two types of fillers is the injection technique used. Traditional lip fillers are administered horizontally, beginning at the lip border. Conversely, Russian lip fillers are injected vertically, starting from the base of the lip. Simply put, in the Russian lip technique, the filler works from the inside out, unlike traditional fillers.

Apart from this factor, there are other differences as well between the Russian lip fillers and normal fillers. Following factors differ between the two types of fillers;

  • The time required 
  • Main goal
  • The cost 

Time Required 

Creating Russian lips takes longer than the time required to plump lips with traditional fillers. Injecting tiny amounts of filler vertically between the tissues to achieve a heart-shaped effect requires twice the time. Conversely, a traditional lip filler procedure is quicker to complete.


While Russian lip fillers are capable of enhancing both plumpness and lift, their primary objective is to elevate the lips’ height. The Russian lip augmentation procedure focuses on lifting the lips rather than adding excessive volume. The result is a naturally subtle enhancement with a noticeable lift in the lips’ height. Whereas, the main goal of normal fillers is to increase the plumpness and volume of lips. 


Cost is another area where Russian fillers differ from traditional fillers. Due to the increased time and product required, the Russian lip technique tends to be more expensive than traditional filler procedures. However, the investment can be justified by achieving the desired aesthetic results. In contrast, traditional fillers are generally less costly.

The Final Verdict 

The Russian lip technique is a modern lip filler approach designed to help achieve lips similar to those admired in Russian models. You can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to consult with our dermatologists to know about the further details of the procedure. Also, you can book an appointment online by filling the form given below. After you submit the form, a staff member will contact you to schedule your consultation.