What’s the difference between Russian lips and normal filler?

Russian lips Vs. normal filler

Nowadays, there is a new trend making rounds on social media known as Russian lips. It refers to the thick and volumized lips that most Russian women or dolls have. Women all over the world are now obsessing over the heart-shaped Russian lips that have more volume towards the center. Therefore, to help women achieve this goal, a new lip filler technique has been devised that is known as the Russian lip tenting technique. 

This new lip augmentation technique is different from the traditional lip filler procedure. However, many people do not know the difference. For this purpose, we will explain the difference between Russian lips and normal fillers in detail. 

What are Russian Lips? 

Russian Lips is a term used to describe the lips of Russian stacking dolls. Previously, this particular style of lips was very popular in Russia but now it has spread to the rest of the world. A heart shape is created with a help of fillers by accentuating the cupid’s bow. The effects of Russian lip fillers might be somewhat doll-like but they are natural-looking. The method used to create these lips is referred to as the Russian Lip Augmentation Technique.

How does Russian Lip Filler Work?

First of all, if you want to have natural and successful results, you should find an experienced dermatologist. During the procedure, the dermatologist injects the filler into the lips vertically. Starting from the base of the lip, the filler product is spread out towards the border of the lips. Some of the filler is also injected into the central area as well to create the heart shape. The Russian lip filler not only widens the lip but also lifts its shape. The main goal of Russian lip fillers is to lift the lip rather than adding more plumpness. 

Russian Lip Technique vs Normal Fillers 

The main difference between the two fillers lies in the way of injecting filler products. The traditional lip fillers are injected horizontally starting from the lip border. However, the Russian lip fillers are injected vertically starting from the lip base. In simple words, the product works from the inside out in the Russian lip technique which is not the case in normal fillers. 

Apart from this factor, there are other differences as well between the Russian lip fillers and normal fillers. Following factors differ between the two types of fillers;

  • The time required 
  • Main goal
  • The cost 

Time Required 

The time required to create Russian lips is more than the time taken by normal fillers to plump the lips. It takes double the amount of time to inject tiny drops of filler product vertically between the tissues to create a heart-shaped effect. However, a normal lip filler procedure does not take much time to complete. 


Although Russian lip fillers can achieve both plumpness and lift, their main goal is to increase the height of lips. The Russian lip augmentation procedure focuses on lifting the lips rather than adding excessive volume. You will observe a natural flattened appearance with a significant change in height of lips. Whereas, the main goal of normal fillers is to increase the plumpness and volume of lips. 


Another difference between normal fillers and Russian fillers is the cost. Since the Russian lip technique involves more time and product, you are expected to pay more than the traditional fillers. But it is totally worth it if you are getting the desired results. On the other hand, traditional fillers are not very expensive. 

The Final Verdict 

Russian lip technique is a contemporary lip filler procedure that will help you achieve Russian model-like lips. You can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to consult with our dermatologists to know about the further details of the procedure. Also, you can book an appointment online by filling the form given below. Our staff member will get in touch with you to schedule your consultation once you have filled the form.