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Lip Augmentation – Lip Enlargement

Lips Augmentation also known as lip enlargement is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the lips by making them look fuller and ample. Full lips with an accentuated border increase the beauty and appeal of an individual. Lip enlargement treatment is a great option for you if you desire fuller and plumper lips.

Before and After

No Guarantee, as the results may vary from person to person.

Are You a Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for lip augmentation in Dubai if:

  • You have extremely thin lips.
  • There are lines on your lips that bother you.
  • You have asymmetrical lips.
  • Your lips are not properly defined.


The goal of lip enlargement in Dubai is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of lips by:

  • Increasing the size of the lips.
  • Improving the symmetry of lips.
  • Improving the definition of lips.

Treatment Options

Various lip augmentation techniques are available and they include:

  • Dermal fillersThese are gel-like substances that are injected into the lips to enhance their size and define their shape.
  • Fat injectionsThis procedure involves extracting fat from another area of your body via liposuction, purify the fat, and injecting it into your lips for a fuller look.
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers: They mimic the natural hyaluronic acid found in the body and offer long-lasting results. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin smooth and hydrated.
  • Collagen fillers: These are made from collagen derived from cow’s skin or human skin tissues. Collagen is naturally found in the human body and keeps skin smooth and supple.
  • Russian Lip Fillers: These fillers are injected vertically into the lips starting from the base of the lips and continuing towards the lip border. This technique is also known as the Russian Lip Augmentation Technique that lifts and widens the lip body by injecting the product inside out.

What is Russian Style Lip Filler?

Russian-style lips are becoming a popular trend in the aesthetics world. To achieve this particular lip shape, Russian Style Lip Fillers or Russian Lip Fillers in Dubai are used. The filler is administered vertically into the lips and is spread outwards to widen the lip shape. The filler product may also be injected into the central area of the lips for the accentuation creation that is a characteristic of Russian lips. The Russian lip augmentation technique is different from the traditional lip filler technique that injects the product horizontally.

Pre-op Preparation

During your pre-treatment visit, your plastic surgeon will examine you, evaluate your general health, and give you some pre-treatment instructions. Some common pre-treatment instructions include:

  • Avoid taking aspirin and blood-thinning medications.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Wear sunscreen regularly.


The procedure of lip enlargement in Dubai is very simple, easy, and quick as it takes just a few minutes. The procedure steps involve:

  • The treatment area will be cleansed.
  • Numbing cream will be applied to eliminate discomfort and pain. Mostly, the discomfort caused by the treatment is bearable, so most of the patients do not require numbing cream.
  • Then, small amounts of filler will be injected into the lips.
  • The treatment area will then be massaged slightly to make the results even.


There are many benefits of lip injections in Dubai. Some of these benefits are:

  • They give volume and fullness to your lips enhancing your facial appearance.
  • Lip fillers make your smile and face more attractive.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure.


Lip augmentation is a non-surgical procedure that does not involve a long recovery period. However, the effects will take a couple of days to subside completely.

  • Just after the treatment, you will experience over-filled and tightened lips but this will be temporary.
  • Swelling and bruising will take a couple of days to subside completely.
  • You will be able to resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment.
  • The final results will become visible after the swelling subsides.

Post-op Care

After the treatment, our cosmetic surgeon will give you some simple post-treatment instructions. These instructions will help you get rid of side effects and make your procedure successful. Some common instructions are:

  • Use ice compresses to reduce swelling and discomfort.
  • Refrain from excessive lip movement for about 24 hours after treatment.
  • Avoid massaging and rubbing your lips.
  • Use the prescribed topical medication – if required.


Lip augmentation gives instant results but they will be temporary as the substances are eventually absorbed by the body. The results of lip fillers Dubai typically last for three to twelve months but it varies depending on the type of fillers used. Permanent lip fillers may last longer. The results of fat injections last for about six months. You will require follow-up treatments to maintain the results.

Lip Augmentation FAQs

Is lip augmentation reversible?

Lip augmentation is temporary and goes away with time. 

How much does Lip Augmentation cost?

The price of lip augmentation varies as per your requirements and the product being used to perform the procedure. You need to ask your practitioner for the exact cost. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®, the average price starts from AED 1500 per Syringe.

What are the best fillers for Lip Augmentation?

Various fillers are available for lip augmentation. However, Hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are considered the best fillers for lip augmentation. These fillers are soft and provide natural results to the person. Furthermore, collagen is also utilized for the lips.

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