Delay the Aging Process Based on the Shape of Your Face

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As we get older, it appears in our energy levels, clothing choices, wisdom, and of course our faces. While we can blame the sun, pollutants, lack of proper skincare, and a million other factors, aging can also be attributed to the shape of the face. Surprised? Well, it’s definitely an untapped perspective but the loss of volume in your face is dependent on the shape of your face.

Let’s dig in a little further;

Round Face

If you have a round face, you are among those lucky peeps who look considerably younger than anyone of your age. The first place that will show the effects of aging is your chubby cheeks. You have more fat on your cheeks than anywhere else on the body. Once your baby fat decides to leave its place, your face ends up looking droopy and can cause nasolabial folds. To deal with the lost volume, you can go for hyaluronic acid fillers. They can last for up to 12 months. They not only make you look younger but slow down the aging process as well. You can also go for Nefertiti Lift, which involves the use of Botox to define the jawline and lift up the neck.

Rectangular Face

If your face is longer than it’s wider, you probably have a rectangular face. Many individuals with this face shape have a fabulous facial bone structure with high cheekbones. Once the aging catches up, the first place to be affected is the jawline and then the neck because the cheeks have fairly good support. These people mostly experience a turkey neck. If you have such a face shape, it is recommended that you go for firming treatments. One such amazing treatment is Kybella. It involves injecting deoxycholic acid into the chin area. It helps to dissolve fat and tightens the skin around the neck and jawline. It will define your jawline and leads to a more youthful appearance.

Oval Face

The oval face is certainly regarded as an ideal face shape but it is not exempted from aging. Initially, your cheeks and area around the eyes will start showing the aging signs. Hooding of the upper eyelid, crow’s feet along with lost volume in the cheeks is a common complaint of people with oval shapes. Hyaluronic acid fillers are recommended in this case because they can give you a natural fullness and a lifted appearance.

Heart-shaped Face

If you have a wide forehead and a pointed jawline and chin, you have a heart face shape.  The aging on a heart face shape usually begins on the forehead. Your biggest enemies are frown lines and horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead. In such a case, dermatologists usually recommend getting a Botox treatment. It diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and lifts up the skin as needed.

At the end of the day, we all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, genetics, and lifestyles. There is no single solution that fits all. However, targeting the process of aging in accordance with the face shape is surely a new and effective approach.

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