PRP vs Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

Hair loss has now become the most common problem among people. In the past, there was nothing people could do to reverse the effects of hair fall but not anymore. With the advancement in science, new technologies have been developed which could reverse the effects of hair fall and can even help in the regrowth of hair in most cases. There are medicines and surgical procedures available these days that can help a lot with hair thinning as well as hair loss. Two of the most popular hair loss treatments available are PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) and Stem Cell Therapy for hair. This blog will discuss the main differences between two treatments under discussion.

PRP for Hair Restoration

Platelets play an important part in the body. They help in blood clotting, healing and they also help in the repairing and regeneration of cells. It was discovered through a study that if platelets are injected into the area of tissue damage then it can help in the early recovery from the injury. Therefore, PRP hair therapy is considered to be a significant solution to hair loss.


In this procedure, blood is taken from the patient and is spun at a high speed in a centrifuge. The high-speed spinning causes the blood to be divided into different layers. The plasma separated in the centrifuge is rich in platelets. When it is injected in the affected area of the scalp, it can stimulate the hair growth and reduce the hair fall.

The procedure is completed in half hour, however, the number of sessions required to get the optimum result will depend upon the condition of your scalp, your hair fall pattern, genetic characteristics, and other factors. For long-lasting results, the maintenance sessions are needed.

Stem cell therapy for hair

The hair of humans grow from the follicles located on the scalp. When follicles are damaged or dead, they are not able to grow new hairs. It was discovered that stem cells can help in the stimulation of new cells. When stem cells are transplanted on the scalp, they stimulate the production follicle causing hair growth on the scalp.


Stem cell therapy for hair is done in two steps. In the first step, the doctor will take hair follicles from another part of your scalp. The follicles taken are then cultured and processed in the lab to multiply them into more stem cells. This stage of the procedure takes 15 to 20 days for completion after which the second stage of procedure starts. The second step involves the cultivation of these processed hairs back into the scalp as well as the donor area from where hair were harvested.

Stem Cell Therapy VS PRP

Think of your head as a garden in which PRP works as fertilizer and Stem cell therapy acts as seeds. PRP helps in stopping hair fall as well as helps in growth of hairs whereas stem cell treatment works best when hair follicles are permanently damaged.

PRP helps in improving the already existing healing characteristics of the body. On the other hand, stem cell finds a new solution to enhance the healing.

Stem cells are part of the body and are also used in healing inflamed tissues or injuries. Stem cells can be converted into any type of body cells needed. This ability of stem cells helps a lot when it comes to healing the tissues that had no other chance to heal.

PRP comes from the patient’s own body while stem cells are cultivated in the laboratory.


Both of these treatments are beneficial to treat hair fall problem. So, if you are thinking to treat your hair loss problem by opting one of these two treatments and are unable to decide then consult with a hair expert. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers the best PRP hair treatment and Stem cell hair therapy. You can book your free online consultation with our highly skilled doctors. All you need to do is fill the form below and you are good to go.