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Top Things to Know before Breast Enhancement

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Breast Enhancement in Dubai

Do you have small breasts? Or have lost your breasts’ volume and shape due to aging and significant weight loss? Do you want to have fuller and firmer breasts? If your answer is yes, breast augmentation is an ideal solution to your problem. Breast augmentation is now one of the most popular and demanded cosmetic surgery procedures. Many women are willing to go under the knife to enhance their breasts. But still we recommend you to know about all the important facts associated with the procedure before making your decision.

In this article, we will discuss 4 top things that are important to know before having breast augmentation.

You need to be realistic and informed

The first and foremost thing that success of breast augmentation requires is your realistic expectations and informed decision. Breast augmentation surgery is an important procedure that will not only improve your appearance but your self-esteem and confidence level as well. But you need to realistic about the outcomes and involved in the process. All the surgeries carry some side effects and risks and a patient need to be informed. Getting successful desired outcomes requires your cooperation and following pre and post-op instructions. You also need to be involved in the choice of implant because it will not only affect the shape and size of your breasts but your projection, cleavage and movement as well.

The procedure can be performed using various techniques

Breast augmentation has different types and it can be performed using various techniques. You should be well-informed about all those types and techniques so that you can select the most appropriate option. Basically, breast augmentation is performed using breast implants. Breast implants are inserted in the breasts through incisions that can be made in various sites. The site of incision is selected according to the condition of patient and type of implant. Breast augmentation can also be performed using your body fat. It is less invasive alternative to breast implant surgery.

Select the well-suited type of breast implant

Breast implants are available in different types varying in size, shape and material used in them. Saline and silicone implants are usually used in breast augmentation surgery. Saline implants have silicone shell and are filled with saline solution while silicone implants are filled with silicone gel covered with silicone shell. Saline implants can be filled after insertion and pose minimal risks. Silicone implants are filled pre-filled and give more natural looking results but carry certain risks as well.

You must also keep in mind that you may need to replace or remove implants after some period of time. The average life of breast implants is from 10 to 15 years. However, some patients are fortunate enough to have implants last long while others may need to replace them after short time. The reason may be the leakage, rupture or dissatisfaction with the size of breasts.

Surgeon profile – expertise is everything

Success of the surgery and the experience of surgeon performing surgery are directly related to each other. So, if you want to get best from your procedure, select highly experienced plastic surgeon. He can better know about the breast augmentation technique and type of implant that is well-suited for you.

Are you ready to have breast augmentation surgery? Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is the right place to have breast augmentation surgery. We have highly experienced and internationally recognized plastic surgeons on board. So, don’t delay booking a free consultation with our plastic surgeons.

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