Neck Lift Recovery

Neck Lift Recovery

Societies often set unrealistic beauty standards, and to stand out from the crowd, one has no option but to follow them. As humans age, the skin starts sagging and getting wrinkly. However, these are major faux pas when it comes to social beauty standards. The face is the most prominent part of one’s appearance. Most people are too obsessed with making their faces look perfect and forget that the fine lines and wrinkles on the neck are also equally visible. Too much fat can also negatively affect its look. Both non-surgical and surgical options, such as a neck lift, are available to correct skin issues with the neck.

Let’s have a closer look at these below.

Non-Surgical Procedures

To correct issues such as a turtle neck, there are numerous nonsurgical treatment options. Mostly fillers and Botox for wrinkles are brought to use.

The results vary in individual cases. In the case of mild sagging in the skin, fillers can work well. Certain laser treatments can also be used for a firmer neck, especially if there is some skin sagging. However, in extreme cases, a Neck Lift procedure can bring the desired outcome.

Neck Lift Surgery

The most effective treatment for sagging skin, excess fat and band lines on the neck is a neck lift. It can be one or more of a combination of procedures to correct neck-related skin conditions. Procedures included in the treatment are Liposuction, Cervicoplasty, and Platysmaplasty.

Liposuction is used to remove the excessive fat on the neck that may make it lose. A Cervicoplasty involves removing excess skin from the neck area and repositioning the tissue to make the skin more supple and firm. Platysmaplasty tightens the neck muscles and removes band lines at the same time.

Who is a good candidate?  

Anyone with sun-related damage, excessive fat in the chin area, sagging skin in the neck area, or excessive fat on or around the neck is a candidate for the procedure. You must see a doctor ascertain if it is ideal for you or not. The doctor will consider the criteria mentioned above and assess your overall health before making the call.

Post-Operative Care

It is important to follow the instructions from your doctor after the procedure to recover quickly. There will be swelling and bruising after the surgery. You will be given medication to manage any discomfort. You will also have bandages in place for some time to help the recovery process. Make sure that you get lots of rest and also avoid doing any work that requires lifting weights.


The procedure results are quite fantastic, and you can look several years younger after recovering from the surgery. It is important to discuss the likely outcomes with your doctor at length before the procedure so that you know exactly what to expect.


Our necks are a symbol of beauty as they impact our entire physical appearance. So, when they become loose, saggy, and wrinkly, our entire personality suffers. Some non-surgical options, such as fillers and Botox, help treat this condition. However, a neck lift is one of the best surgical treatments for sagging and wrinkly necks. It is inevitable for restoring the overall youthful appearance.

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