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Cost of Macrolane Injections

Macrolane is one of the most revolutionary methods for cosmetic enhancement of various body parts. Macrolane is an injectable that is used to give volume and contour to certain areas of body that ultimately improves the overall appearance of body. They are made of hyaluronic acid gel and are actually dermal fillers that are injected in the treatment area. They are mostly used for enhancing breasts, buttocks and calves. Their results are not permanent but they are considered the most effective treatment because they require very less time for recovery. There are no severe side effects associated with macrolane injections but post-procedure, you may experience slight tenderness, swelling and bruising. These side effects subside quickly.

Macrolane injections are no doubt and new and effective treatment in the field of cosmetic surgery but while planning for the treatment, you need to consider lots of things associated with the procedure. The most important thing is finding an experienced and highly qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon but here we will discuss about another important issue and that is the cost f macrolane injection. The cost of macrolane injections is not the same for every treatment and varies from patient to patient depending on many factors. Here we will discuss about some of the important factors that affect the cost of treatment.

The most important thing to be considered is that macrolane lasts for several months and you will have to get macrolane injected again. The touchup treatments often cost less as compared to first treatment as less macrolane is injected because some of previous gel is still there in breast tissue. So, if you add up the cost of all the touchup treatments, macrolane injections may become expensive than long term surgery. However, still most of the patients prefer macrolane injections on surgical procedure as you can tell the surgeon how much change you need. You can increase or decrease the amount of macrolane if you do not want to stick with the initial amount of macrolane that was determined.

Another important factor that can influence the cost of the treatment is the treatment area. As mentioned before, macrolane can be injected in various areas and the cost is determined according to the area in which you want to have macrolane. Generally, the cost for having macrolane in buttocks is slightly higher than having it in breasts. So, it is recommended to discuss the cost of macrolane with your surgeon during consultation.

Besides above mentioned factors, there are some other general factors that affect the cost of treatment. These factors include.

  • Surgeon’s fee – highly qualified plastic surgeon, who has considerable experience in this field, often charges more as compared to the one who is new in this field.
  • Reputation of clinic – reputation of the clinic also influences the cost of treatment. If you get treatment in newly established clinic then you will have to pay less for the treatment.
  • Additional charges – prescriptions and tests – if required any – are the other factors that are important to consider while determining the cost of macrolane injections.

In short, the cost of macrolane injections is not the same for everyone and if you want to know about the exact cost, then you will have to consult an experienced plastic surgeon.

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