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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation surgery is actually designed to enhance the shape and enlarge the size of a woman’s breast. The implants which are used for this procedure are made up of saline having a silicone shell.

The Breast Augmentation surgery is performed under the general anesthesia. The surgeon while doing a breast augmentation surgery may work through the incision and create a pocket behind the tissues of breast or may be under the muscles of the chest to accommodate the implants used for enlargement of the breast.

Coming to the time required for this surgery to be done is not more than an hour or two normally. Stitches are then applied to close the incisions and with them bandage gauze may also be applied.

After the surgery the patient is monitored by the specialists or surgeons to keep an eye on the progress after the surgery. Sometimes excess fluid is found which can be removed by the drainage tubes which a surgeon may insert for a few days.

After the surgery the patient may feel sore and tired for several days till the gauze and other surgical dressing is removed. That is the time when you can use a soft cup bra.

The other sutures if not dissolved on their own will be removed in a week or a few more days. The patient may feel a burning sensation on her nipples during the first two weeks and she may have swellings on her breast for about three months after the surgery.

Talking about the recovery of the patient getting a Breast Augmentation surgery let us tell you that first of all the time period required to recover for a patient depends on the health and nutrition of the patient. Other than the health and diet, it is also considered that how do you act upon the advices and recommendations of your surgeon. Mostly surgeons recommend staying away from the activities which include pushing or pulling some heavy material or lifting up the weight involving your upper body. Surgeons and doctors discourage all the activities which can cause the increase in the heart rate or blood pressure of the patient.

After having the Breast Augmentation surgery if you ever have any complication during your recovery period you should immediately contact your surgeon or doctor to get the proper and in time treatment to reduce or treat the complications and risks in the future.

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