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Post Surgical Scars


Every scar has its own story behind, after every surgery Post surgical scars are very common, there are so many types of scars. Some consume one year or eighteen month to heal but various types of scars such as keloid scars are those that just affect the people with blackish skin tone. Other types of scars that are generally known as Atrophic scars are tiny and rounds in shape that creates underneath the skin whenever post-operative process of healing is disrupted.

In order to reduce the look of scars, numerous techniques have been verified to be very helpful during and after recovery. The most frequently utilized and successful process so far is known to be the utilization of self-adhesive silicone sheeting. These are tiny silicone-wrapped pieces that stick on to the skin over and around the incision portion of the body.

Related silicone tools have been utilized effectively both in injury recovery and in the avoidance of hypertrophic and keloid scars for more than 20 years, several researches prove their clinical efficiency. The utilization of silicone sheeting has been revealed to generate even more remarkable distinctions in the process of recovery when utilized on patients who are at high possibility for growing keloids or hypertrophic scars.

Once the scars are completely recovered, several techniques can reduce their looks, some are more persistent as compared to others. These contain:

    • Scar improvement surgical procedure by excision, which could be pursued by any of the other mentioned procedures
    • Utilization of lasers to re-emerge the specific site of the body, reducing and softening scar tissue
    • In the process of Dermatography, medical tattooing needles are utilized to inject tincture to conceal the scar, or anti-inflammatory elements to even out and reducing the scar
    • The use of special creams, lotions, and ointments are also an effective way of reducing the scars. ¬†Particularly famous products these days are ointments comprised of onion extract, Retin-A, topical vitamins E and C, emu oil, and glycolic acid are all their major components.