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Laser Tattoo Removal


Why do people want to have a tattoo removed? Why do they want to have it in the first place? While choosing to have (or not to have) a tattoo, to keep, to change or to have one removed altogether, all are matters of personal nature by far, studies have shown that women (specially those who are young, white and college-educated) are more likely to request a tattoo removal.

People usually ask for removing one for reasons that vary from personal to social, and from purely psychological to highly practical such as a career need. Here are some of the mostly revealed reasons:

  • disappointment due to failure in achieving uniqueness
  • embarrassment caused by negative comments from society
  • acquittal of a gang (in cases of gang-related tattoos)
  • a mark, a symbol or idea depicted having been out of date or fashion
  • a change in personal outlook
  • to rescue a deteriorating self-image
  • a career being negatively affected
  • the present tattoo having been poorly done
  • for want of change i.e. having a new one

Removal of unwanted tattoo is another useful area where the application of laser technologies is proving its worth. Laser tattoo removal has become one of the most popular procedures today, and the trend is fast growing on account of the proven safety and superior results of the method as compared to those of traditional alternatives such as tattoo removal creams the effectiveness of which is still awaiting strong supporting evidence, excision method in which the whole piece of inked skin needs to be cut (and occasionally new skin grafted), or dermabrasion which is based on sanding the whole layers of the skin in the target area.

Advances in laser technology and better approaches available today have made it needless to target the whole skin. Laser tattoo removal procedure targets only the tiny fractions of pigmented skin and leaves the surrounded skin intact, thereby reducing chances of scarring.

Laser treatments has become the preferred, rather standard, method today because of its quicker and quality outcomes, and rare side effects.

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